2012-02-23 World Music Top 10, February

The Toure-Raichel Collective - The Tel Aviv SessionThis week, a romp through the sounds of our monthly Top 10 chart, featuring the best new music on Planet Earth. Full reviews of many of these albums coming soon at SoundRoots.org

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Playlist (artist – song – album)
Hour 1

Amsterdam Klezmer Band “Marusja” from Mokum on Essay

Los Gauchos de Roldán “La Flor Del Bañado (The Marsh Flower)” from Button Accordion and Bandoneón Music from Northern Uruguay on Smithsonian Folkways Recordings

Leni Stern “Sorcerer (Dan Saga)” from Sabani on Leni Stern Recordings

Sauti Sol “Row Your Boat” from Sauti Sol – Sol Filosofia on Penya Africa

New York Gypsy All-Stars “Romantech” from Romantech on Traditional Crossroads

Sambasunda Quintet “Teman Endah” from Java on Riverboat

The Funk Ark “Green Tree, Yellow Sky” from High Noon on ESL Music

Soul Rebels Brass Band “Let Your Mind Be Free” from Unlock Your Mind on Universal Music Group International

Attwenger “Mief” from Flux on Trikont

Quetzal “estoy aquí (i am here)” from Imaginaries on Smithsonian Folkways Recording

The Toure-Raichel Collective “Touré (Feat. Frédéric Yonnet)” from The Tel Aviv Sessions on cumbancha


Hour 2

La Bottine Souriante “Chus chatouilleux” from Appellation d’Origine Controlee on Borealis Records

Tref “Kadar” from Dampf on Homerecords

Lo Cor de la Plana “Rompe Bassas” from Tant Deman on Buda Musique

The Serwan Yamolky Trio “Kheyal” from La Younsa on The Serwan Yamolky Trio

Mamak Khadem “Shakpooy Part 2” from a window to color on (Self Released)

Orkestar Zirkonium “Turkish Honga” from Too Hot For Sleep on Orkestar Zirkonium

Sin Fronteras “El Cautivo de Til-Til” from galopa on (Self Released)

Baloji “Kesho” from Kinshasa Succursale on Crammed Discs

The Creole Choir Of Cuba “Lumane Casimir” from Tande-La on Real World Records

Barika “Blues for Segu” from Remember on Barika

Lassine Kouyate (Adam Klein) “Djon Si Sekote” from Dugu Wolo on Cowboy Angel Music

Playing For Change Band “Children of the World” from Playing for Change Live on Timeless Media

TriBeCaStan “Jovanka” from New Deli on Evergreene

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