2012-07-06: Music of Central Africa

We celebrate the birthday of Congolese legend Francois ‘Franco’ Luambo Makiadi in this show with music from him along with more songs and styles from central African nations, including Burundi, the Central African Republic, Chad, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Rwanda. Franco Guitar Hero of Congo

Music from artists including Wendo Kolosoy, Franco, Papa Wemba, Papa Noel, Mounira Mitchala, Somi, and So Kalmery

Plus, in hour 2, new releases and concert previews. With music from Erev Rav Klezmer Orchestra, Akoya Afrobeat, Sylvain Leroux, Maga Bo, Jungle by Night and more.

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Hour 1
Mounira Mitchala
“Adinna” from Talou Lena

Louis Sarno “Ceremony End Song” from Songs from the Forest

Papá Noel “Simba Martha” from Bel Ami

Kalass “Faida” from Kalass

Somi “Kuzunguka” from If The Rains Come First

Franco “La Rumba O.K.” from Roots of OK Jazz: Congo Classics 1955-1956

Wendo Kolosoy “Amba” from The Very Best of Congolese Rumba: The Kinshasa Abijan Sessions

So Kalmery “Kuzunguzungu” from Bendera

Papa Wemba “Victime de la Mode” from 1977-1997

Franco & TPOK Jazz “Mujinga” from Rough Guide to Congo Gold

Jean Paul Samputu “Twararutashye (Coming Home)” from Testimony from Rwanda

Khadja Nin “Kembo” from Ya…

Hour 2
Chris Berry & the Bayaka of Yandoumbe
“Mua Mix (feat. Essandje)” from Oka!

Franco “Finga Mama Munu” from The Rough Guide to Franco

Jungle By Night “Ethiopeno” from Hidden

Andra Kouyate & Sèkè Chi “Passa” from Saro

Ojos De Brujo “Ventilator R-80 (Suonho Broken Rhumba Remix)” from Ojos De Brujo – Al Lindrum Presents Ojos De Brujo Reworked

Maga Bo “Immigrant Visa Part II feat MC Zulu” from Quilombo de Futuro

Erev Rav “Devotedly Tanzt” from Klezmorphic Songs

Jalal Hamdaoui & Driver “Ila Nzour Nebra” from The Dictator OST

Sylvain Leroux “Gambalou” from Quatour Creole

Sylvain Leroux “Notis” from Quatour Creole

Annbjorg Lien “Til” from Khoom Loy

Malawi Mouse Boys “Uthenga Wabwino (Good News)” from He Is #1

Akoya Afrobeat Ensemble “Fela Dey (excerpt)” from President Dey Pass

2 thoughts on “2012-07-06: Music of Central Africa”

  1. Am afun of agreat African rumba maestro, I like these Franco pages, And request for contuenity. Bravo Franco Lovers.

  2. Much thanks, i have learnt alot on this page, United in Rumba,Asante sana.

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