2012-08-17 Global Songs about Animals

Dancing Hippos - global music about animalsOn my bike ride to the radio station this morning, I passed a doe and two fawns, and a death-defying squirrel. It was an interesting prelude to this show, which featured music from all over the planet about animals, domesticated, wild, even imaginary.

Thanks for the calls and requests — I was unable to find a couple requested songs in the KAOS library, but hope you’ll find something engaging in the playlist. There’s something there for lovers of dogs, cats, dragons, chickens, even elephants.

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Hour 1
Royal Street Orchester
“Alley Camel Riot” from Visible at Given Temperature

The Budos Band “Monkey See, Monkey Do” from The Budos Band

3 Leg Torso “The Cat and the Rooster” from 3 Leg Torso

Amparanoia “Rumba de Perros” from Somos Viento

Tribali “Elephant of Lanka” from Festa

Forro In the Dark “Perro Loco” from Light a Candle

Pena “Danza de la llama” from Peña Volume 3: The Remixes

Jose Conde “Elefante en Hotel” from Jose Conde

Jienat “Mira” from Mira

Yambu “Hippopotomus” from Salsa Funk Experience

Uakti “Mracatu Elefante” from Uakti

Yellow Sisters “Šel jeden krokodýl” from Zvěřinec (Menagerie)

Rim Banna “Our Donkey” from April Blossoms – Songs from Palestine Dedicated to All the Children

Ladysmith Black Mambazo “Yangiluma Inkukhu (The Biting Chicken)” from Songs from a Zulu Farm

Hour 2
The Souljazz Orchestra
“Conquering Lion” from Solidarity

Omar Torrez “Dog Heart” from Dynamisto!

Madera Limpia “Perro Que Ladra” from La Corona

Pink Martini “Lilly” from Hang On Little Tomato

Hazmat Modine “Bahamut” from Bahamut

Thomas Phale “Dragon Special” from The Kings And Queens Of Township Jive: Modern Roots Of The Indestructible Beat Of Soweto

Keith & Ken With The Jamaican Steel Band “Walk Like a Dragon” from You’ll Love Jamaica

Firewater “The Monkey Song” from International Orange

Gabrielle Roth & The Mirrors “Deer” from Bones

Les Haferflocken Swingers “Sheep Stomp” from Night Birds

Saratuspersen “Mid Night Sky” from Sundanese in Bali

Maga Bo “Immigrant Visa Part II feat MC Zulu” from Quilombo de Futuro

Antibalas “The Ratcatcher” from Antibalas

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