2013-07-05 Calypsos + Kobo Town interview

Kobo TownA celebration this week of Trinidad’s calypso roots and the various global branches of calypso today, plus an interview with Drew Gonsalves, leader of Kobo Town, on his contemporary take on this music and Kobo Town’s new album Jumbie in the Jukebox. Plus some new releases and concert previews in hour 2.

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Hour 1
Ska Cubano
“Big Bamboo” from Ay Caramba!

Andy Narell and Relator “Food Prices” from University of Calypso

King Sparrow “No More Rocking and Rolling” from Calypso

Cahuita Calypso “Fire” from Costa Rica: Calypso (Music from the World Collection)

Leroy Young the Grandmaster “Que Sera-Sera” from From Bakabush

Lord Pretender “Human Race” from The Rough Guide to Calypso Gold

Interview with Drew Gonsalves of Kobo Town

Kobo Town “Kaiso Newscast” from Jumbie in the Jukebox

More Interview with Drew Gonsalves of Kobo Town

Kobo Town “Tick Tock Goes the Clock” from Jumbie in the Jukebox

Hour 2
Karl Zéro
“Jump in the Line” from Hifi Calypso

Lord Mouse and the Kalypso Katz “Barefooted Lover” from Go Calypsonian

The Tigers “Good Morning Miss Hadey” from Brukdon: Belizean Calypso

Roaring Lion “Weather Man” from Sacred 78’s

Lord Invader “Yankee Dollar” from Calypso In New York

Oliver Mtukudzi “Magumo (How Will It All End?)” from Greatest Hits: The Tuku Years 1998-2002

Chris Berry “Sekai” from King of Me

GagaDilo “Dunska” from The Cosmic Odyssey

Jon Madof “Ein K’Elokeinu” from Zion80

Kill The Dj “Sinom 231 Serat Centhini” from Poetry Battle 1-Love

The Garifuna Collective “Seremei Buyuya” from Ayo

Cascadia ’10 “Pharoahs of Elysium (excerpt)” from Live EP

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