2015-08-14 Music from All Corners of the Earth

World Music from around the globeNo theme this week, just a blend of some of the best music from around the planet, new and old.

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Hour 1
Daymé Arocena
“Madres” from Nueva Era

Julia Sarr & Patrice Larose “Yow Laï Xar” from Set Luna

Manou Gallo “Nayouwy” from Dida

Vishtèn “Sarazine” from Terre Rouge

Gino Sitson “Katcha” from VoiStrings

Max Pollak “el Cuarto de Tula” from RumbaTap

Totó La Momposina “Chi Chi Mani” from Tambolero

Elisete “Ninguem (Nobody)” from Minhas Cores – My Colors

Tref “Latina” from Dampf

Set break — KAOS Community Billboard

Bolo “buzz” from Bolo

D’Gary “Betepotepo” from Malagasy Guitar: Music From Madagascar

The Luis D’elias Ensemble “Curiara al Mar” from Orígenes y Destinos

Kalascima “Moi!” from Psychedelic Trance Tarantella

Hour 2
The Cool Crooners of Bulawayo
“Kamaro” from Blue Sky

Ballaké Sissoko & Vincent Segal “future” from Chamber Music

A Filetta “Dormi” from Castelli

Tom Teasley “Indra and Arvasu” from Dreams of India

Dani Turcheto “Mais para Trás” from Lapaemendoucomapompéia

Dazibao “La danse du bonze” from E40

Qwanqwa “Gelani” from Volume Two

Mahube “Qhubeka!” from Qhubeka!

Terakaft “Tafouk tele (The Sun Is There)” from Alone (Ténéré)

Set break — Spin The Globe world music concert calendar

Hellborg, Lane, Selvaganesh “Leal Souvenir (excerpt)” from Good People in Times of Evil

Bixiga 70 “Balboa da Silva” from Bixiga 70

Modou Touré & Ramon Goose “kayre” from The West African Blues Project

DEM Trio “Nikriz Sirto” from The Fountain (Turkish Music Traditions)

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