2015-11-27 World Music Top 10, November 2015

Daktarimba - d'AfriqueHerewith, the final Spin The Globe monthly top 10 world music chart of 2015 (in December, we’ll do the best music of the year). Listen for selections from fantastic new releases from all corners of the planet. Plus a few artists who didn’t quite make the top 10, and concert previews.

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Hour 1

Vula Viel “Zine Dondone Zine Daa” from Good Is Good

Kandia Kouyate “Mandjala” from Renascence

Karim Nagi “Baladi Tuktuk” from Detour Guide

Dizu Plaatjies “Bantu Biko (feat. Sueno en la Fabrica)” from Ubuntu – The Common String

Full Attack Band “Nadir” from 1001

Lura “Ambienti Mas Seletu” from Herança

Te Vaka “Sasa Le Vao” from Amataga

Bixiga 70 “Martelo” from III

Set break — KAOS Community Billboard

Full Attack Band “Onsprunt” from 1001

Ba-Boom “Oxossi” from Somos Um

Daktarimba “Daktarimba” from D’Afrique (feat. Marco Lobo, Walter Lang, Wolfgang Lackerschmid & Njamy Sitson)

Markscheider Kunst “Sudak” from 10 Years Eastblok Music

Hour 2
Gangbe Brass Band
“Miziki” from Go Slow to Lagos

Nes “HappyNES” from NES

Naked “Newz Orleanz Chochek” from Nakedonia

Kroke “Joy as It Is” from Ten

Zusha “Shuva Hashem” from Kavana

Mamak Khadem “Do, Don’t” from The Road

Giuliano Gabriele “Tammù” from Madre (The Hypnotic Dance’s Time)

Set break — Spin The Globe world music concert calendar

Balkansky “I’m Coming, I’m Coming” from Kuker

Le Tropical Jazz “Kiko Medina” from Senegal 70 (Sonic Gems from the 70s)

Joan Soriano “María Elena ay Dios” from Me Decidi

Gabriel Palatchi “Sefarad Roots” from Trivolution

Folknery “Ivan” from Useful Things

Elikeh “The Conversation” from Kondona – Single

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