2011-02-04: Music of Egypt + Reggae

People of Egypt (and other locations with popular uprisings): Spin The Globe listeners are with you. This week’s show prompted an unusually large number of listener phone calls, all in solidarity with the people demanding more say in their future and how their government is run. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Music of Egypt + Reggae

This week’s show also featured global reggae in celebration of the Feb. 6 birthday of Bob Marley, along with some new releases and requests.

Get up, stand up!

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Hour 1
Mahmoud Fadl   –  Jibal Al Nuba (Mountains of Nubia)  –  The Drummers of the Nile Go South
Freshlyground  –  Africa Unite  –  Tribute to a Reggae Legend
Alnubia Band  –  Kobana  –  Egypt Noir, Nubian Soul Treasures
Casper Loma-da-wa  –  How the West Was Won  –  The Sounds of Reality
Hossam Ramzy & Phil Thornton  –  Planet Egypt  –  Egypt Unveiled
Rocky Dawuni  –  Download the Revolution  –  Hymns for the Rebel Soul
Mohamed Mounir  –  Waylaneh, Ya Salam  –  Ode To Liberty Dunia Soundtrack
Ron Wiseman  –  Promised Land  –  Mystical Mood
Natacha Atlas  –  La Nuit Est Sur La Ville  –  Mounqaliba
Hossam Ramzy & Phil Thornton  –  Naima’s Desert Castle  –  A Tribute to Samy El Bably
King Sunny Ade  –  Nibi Lekeleke Gbe Nfosho  –  Gems from the Classic Years (1967-1974)
Lucky Dube  –  Different Colours  –  Retrospective
Baaour  –  Ayazonno  –  Egyptian Pop

Hour 2
Refugee Allstars  –  Weapon Conflict  –  Living Like a Refugee
Wilman de Jesus  –  Walk Like An Egyptian (Pytter mix)  –  single
duoJalal  –  Klezmer a la Bechet  –  A Different World
Cornershop  –  Double Digit  –  Cornershop & The Double O Groove Of
Moussu T e lei Jovents  –  Putan De Cançon  –  Putan De Cancon
Juliana & Pava  –  Don’t Cry, Cuckoo Bird  –  Let the Bird Fly
Ravid Kahalani  –  Um Min Al Yaman  –  Yemen Blues
Sidi Toure  –  Hallah  –  Sahel Folk
Sidi Toure  –  Taray Kongo  –  Sahel Folk
Ali Hassan Kuban  –  Hela Houb (Let’s Do It)  –  Real Nubian
Aurelio   –  Tio Sam  –  Laru Beya
Amr Diab  –  Amarain  –  Arabic Groove
Vusi Mahlasela  –  Vezubuhle  –  Say Africa
Wise-Magraw  –  Jade  –  How the Light Gets In

2011-01-28: Music of Japan + KODO interview

Kodo (photo by Taro Nishita)

We didn’t have the 900-pound drum in the KAOS studios, but we did get a chance to talk with KODO manager Jun Akimoto about the band’s new album Akatsuki (Dawn) and their current tour, which brings them to our neck of the woods this weekend. Plus other Japanese music in the first hour of the show, followed by new releases and the usual collage of sounds.

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Hour 1
Yoshida Brothers  –  Overland Blues  –  Best of Yoshida Brothers
Dolomites  –  Wakannai? / I Don’t Know?  –  No End EP
Wa Dai Ko Matsuri Za  –  Festival Music of Dairakuji Town  –  Japanese Drum
Joji Hirota & Pete Lockett   –  Kokiriko-Bushi  –  Taiko To Tabla
Kodo  –  Burning  –  Akatsuki
interview with Jun Akimoto of KODO
Kodo  –  Ogi Oiwake (excerpt)  –  Akatsuki
Kodo  –  Sora  –  Akatsuki
Yamato Ensemble  –  Futatsu No Den-En-Shi I (Pastoral)  –  The Very Best of Japanese Music

Hour 2
The Cupids  –  Bazazz Tengoku  –  Nippon Girls: Japanese Pop, Beat & Bossa Nova 1966-1970
Chanchiki  –  Yagaefu  –  Rough Guide to Japan
Shang Shang Typhoon  –  Yokosuka Burning Night  –  Shang Shang Typhoon 2
Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra  –  Natty Parade  –  High Numbers
Chopteeth  –  Choferito-Plena  –  Chopteeth Live
Ritmodelia  –  Mamut  –  It’s Not Batucada!
Ballake Sissoko & Vincent Segal  –  Future  –  Chamber Music
Sussen Deyhim  –  Glyphs on the Horizon  –  City of Leaves
Tiwitine  –  Tiwitine  –  Ishumar 2 – New Tuareg Guitars
The Sway Machinery feat. Khaira Arby  –  Shalom  –  The House of Friendly Ghosts, Vol. 1
Shantala  –  Om Namo Bhagavate / Because the One I Love  –  Sri
Hossam Ramzy & Phil Thornton  –  Storm over Giza  –  Egypt Unveiled
Vusi Mahlasela  –  Naka Mokhura  –  Say Africa
Custodio Castelo  –  Homenagem a Paredes  –  The Art of Portuguese Fado Guitar

2011-01-21: Local Global Music

This week’s show started off with an hour of local global music: local and regional artists who play global sounds. All in anticipation of the 22 January Ethnic Festival (see calendar). We may have once been known as grunge central, but Western Washington (and Portland and Vancouver BC) have a rich vein of global music as well. Enjoy.local drummers - photo (c) Scott Allan Stevens, www.nwexposure.com

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Hour 1
Children of the Revolution  –   Alythia  –   Chapter 1
Bakra Bata  –   Kalinda  –   Get Up and Dance
Erev Rav  –   Naphtaly’s Freylach  –   Oly Shtetl Klezmer
James Whetzel feat. Vishal Nagar  –   Dha. Vivid Response to Life  –   Capitol Hill Secret Tracks
The Makedonians  –   Two Dudes in the Slammer  –   Folklor
Andrew Oliver Kora Band  –   Fanta Groove  –   Just 4 U
Shantala (Benjy & Heather Wertheimer)  –   Baba Hanuman  –   Sri
Los Flacos  –   Hierbabuena  –   Rosa Celeste
Alma Villegas  –   Mi Tierra  –   Alma Villegas
3 Leg Torso  –   Zemer Attic/Tanz Tanz Yiddelach  –   Astor in Paris
The Sahel Band  –   Yarabi  –   The Sahel Band
Duo En  –   Danza Lucumi  –   Affinity
Gaelica  –   Archibald MacDonald of Keppoch  –   Live at Traditions
Sonando  –   Donde Estabas Anoche  –   Tres

Hour 2
Ockham’s Razor  –   Oro, Se Do Bheatha Bhaile  –   Wolves in the Walls
Zein Al-Jundi  –   Ya Habibi  –   Sharrafouni
Simphiwe Dana   –   Hay’ Ihambo  –   Kulture Noir
Os Kiezos  –   Comboio  –   Angola Soundtrack: Special Sounds from Luanda 1965-1978
Kiuila  –   Orovela  –   Kolo
Pooja Goswami Pavan  –   Kyon Mujhe Maut Ke (excerpt)  –   How Shall I Say?
Didye Kergrin  –   Kosa  –   Somin La Vi
Vusi Mahlasela  –   Vezebuhle  –   Say Africa
Bikram Ghosh  –   Little Krishna  –   RhythmScape
Empresarios  –   Sabor Tropical  –   Empresarios
Kodo  –   Sora  –   Akatsuki
Jaakko Laitinen & Vaara Raha  –   Tummaa Verta  –   Jaakko Laitinen & Vaara Raha
Ballake Sissoko & Vincent Segal  –   Historie De Molly  –   Chamber Music

2011-01-14: Grooving Globally

Vagabond Opera couldn’t make it for the planned live studio set, but we found a fair amount of other music to share this week, from Japanese ska to a rhythmic remix of MLK’s “I Have a Dream” speech to a children’s rights dub and much more. Keep grooving globally with social justice in your hearts. mlk stamp

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Hour 1
Ex-Centric Sound System  –  The Original Ragga  –  West Nile Funk
Mavis Maseko and the Movers  –  Bayeza  –  Amabungu
Dave Holland & Pepe Habicheula  –  Puente Quebrao  –  Hands
Chopteeth  –  Eyi Su Ngaangaa  –  Chopteeth Live
Hellborg, Lane, Selvaganesh  –  Savitri  –  Good People in Times of Evil
Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra  –  World Ska Cruise  –  World Ska Symphony
Vusi Mahlasela  –  Woza  –  Say Africa
Baba Zula & Mad Professor  –  Biz Size Asik Olduk  –  Ruhani Oyun Havaları
Vagabond Opera  –  Svi Te Terren  –  Vagabond Opera
Tiwitine  –  Tiwitine  –  Ishumar 2: New Taureg Guitars
Cankisou  –  Lahore  –  Le La
Sidi Toure  –  Haalah  –  Sahel Folk

Hour 2
Toto La Momposina  –  Tembandumba  –  La Bodega
The Creole Choir Of Cuba  –  Chen Nan Ren  –  Undiscovered Voices of the Carribean
Duo Jalal  –  A Different World  –  A Different World
A Hawk and a Handsaw  –  Mana Thelo Enan Andra  –  Cervantine
Ballake Sissoko & Vincent Segal  –  Chamber Music  –  Chamber Music
Aurelio Martinez  –  Yange  –  Laru Beya
James Whetzel/MLK  –  I Have a Dream Remake  –  single
Ilgi  –  One Sun, One Earth  –  Ne Uz Vienu Dienu
Dorin Gall, Arnito, Oliver Delplanque  –  Premiers flocons  –  Ashain Trio
Galeet Dardashti  –  Hagar/Sarah  –  The Naming
Kodo  –  floor  –  Heartbeat
Jaakko Laitinen & Vaara Raha  –  Han Ei Lemmi Mua  –  Jaakko Laitinen & Vaara Raha
Indigenous Resistance  –  Luana (Soy SOS Mix)  –  IR 25 Dubversive

2011-01-07: New York Calling London

New York Calling London - Spin The Globe playlistOn this day in 1927, the first transatlantic telephone service was established…from New York City to London. Chew on that, all you children of the Web! To mark this telecommunications milestone we spun global-minded bands from both great cities, followed by a slew of new releases and a couple of tunes for my new friend in Cyprus.

Happy New Year!

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Hour 1
3 Mustaphas 3  –  Linda Linda  –  Friends, Fiends & Fronds
Frank London’s Klezmer Brass Allstars  –  Out of What?  –  Carnival Conspiracy
She’koyokh Klezmer Ensemble  –  Nikolaev Bulgar  –  Sandanski’s Chicken
Grupo Fiesta  –  Caliente  –  Grupo Fiesta
Yaaba Funk  –  Me Nye Me Dofo  –  Afrobeast
Pistolera  –  La Espera  –  Siempre Hay Salida
Bollywood Brass Band  –  Mehndi Laga Ke Rakhna (Keep the henna on your hands)  –  The Bollywood Brass Band
Copal  –  Ceutara  –  Into the Shadow Garden
Susheela Raman  –  Amba  –  Love Trap
Yale Strom w/ Hot Pstromi & Klazzj  –  Papirossen / Cigarettes  –  Garden of Yidn
London Afrobeat Collective  –  Survival of the Fittest  –  L.A.C.

Hour 2
Red Baraat  –  Tunak Tunak Tun  –  Chaal Baby
Aurelio  –  Weibayuwa / Sharks  –  Laru Beya
James Whetzel  –  Theme to the Rhythm (Amponsah & Kamdar Mix)  –  Vibrance
Olof Arnalds  –  Vinur Minn  –  Innundir Skinni
Shye Ben-Tzur  –  Daras Bin  –  Shoshan
Wise-Magraw  –  Entrainment  –  How the Light Gets In
Lila Downs  –  Cielo Rojo  –  Una Sangre / One Blood
Ali Farka Toure  –  Cousins  –  Niafunke
Kolektifistanbul –  (2008)  –  Nestinar  –  Krivoto
Damian Nisenson Trio  –  Chanson de q  –  3 en concert
Sy Kushner  –  Hoy Down  –  From my Soul
Jaakko Laitinen & Vaara Raha  –  Muistojen Tiella  –  Jaakko Laitinen & Vaara Raha
Kodo  –  Berimbau Jam  –  Mondo Head
Vagabond Opera  –  Russian Jazz Waltz  –  The Zeitgeist Beckons

2010-12-31: New Years Eve Dance Party!

Hope we didn’t get you into trouble, dancing away those few hours you were supposed to be working on this last day of 2010. It was a global dance party of epic proportions (or at least epic volume) on Spin The Globe. Happy New Year to all global music fans far and wide, and say hello to 2011.

Happy New Year!
Happy New Year!

Remember, you can catch the archive of this show for a limited time at soundroots.podomatic.com

Hour 1
Yerba Buena  –  Bla Bla Bla  –  Island Life
Cheb Mami w/ Corneille   –  Enfants d’Afrique (Master Blaster)  –  Du Sud Au Nord
The Mighty Zulu Nation w/ Aki Nawaz  –  Mdavu the Man  –  Abantu
The Haggis Horms  –  Naughty Buddha  –  Hot Damn!
Amartya Rahut  –  Jingle Bell – Punjabi Tadka   –  single
Dissidenten  –  Lobster Song  –  New World Party
Panjabi MC  –  Pambooka  –  The Raj
Kal  –  Dvojka  –  Kal
Locos Por Juana  –  Afro Sound  –  Evolucion EP
Deewane Huye Paagal  –  Maar Sutteya  –  Bhangra Groove
Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra  –  Woman of Wuhan  –  Ska-Para Is Coming
Che Sudaka  –  Quiero Mas  –  Tudo e Possible
Zap Mama  –  Rafiki  –  A Ma Zone
Pink Martini  –  Auld Lang Syne  –  Joy to the World

Hour 2
SambaDa  –  Iguana  –  Gente
Femi Kuti  –  Can’t Buy Me  –  Africa for Africa
Ayhan Sicimoglu  –  Ahi Na’Ma Kaynana  –  Friends & Family
Vavamuffin  –  Addis Fever  –  Mo’ Better Rootz
Bole 2 Harlem  –  Hoya Hoye  –  Bole 2 Harlem
Abraham Inc.  –  Tweet Tweet  –  Tweet Tweet
Kolektifistanbul  –  Mekadonsko  –  Krivoto
Ali Hassan Kuban  –  Mabruk  –  Rough Guide to Ali Hassan Kuban
Clotaire K w/ Natacha Atlas  –  Maqam  –  Lebanese
Ariya Astrobeat Arkestra  –  African Kings  –  Ariya Astrobeat Arkestra
Shantel  –  Beauties from Athina  –  Planet Paprika
Balkan Beat Box  –  Move It  –  Blue Eyed Black Boy
Salsa Celtica  –  Auld Lang Syne  –  El Camino

2010-12-24: Have a Global Christmas!

Spin The Globe spent Christmas Eve at the radio station, spinning some holiday tunes, some new releases, and more. The perfect soundtrack for shopping, slacking off at the office, or baking stollen for the big day. Merry Christmas!christmas tree

Remember, you can catch the archive of this show for a limited time at soundroots.podomatic.com

Hour 1
The Blue Hawaiians  –  Jungle Bells  –  Christmas on Big Island
Jayram Acharya  –  Santa Claus Is Coming To Town  –  Christmas Music EP
Rahim AlHaj  –  Athens to Baghdad  –  Little Earth
Klezmonauts  –  Oy to the World  –  Oy to the World: A Klezmer Christmas
Harvey Averne Band  –  Let’s Get It Together this Christmas  –  In the Christmas Groove
Mr. Ho’s Orchestroica  –  Arab Dance  –  Third River Rangoon
Balval  –  Duj Amalina  –  Le Ciel Tout Nu
Guimaraes Conjunto   –  Noite Santa, Silenciosa  –  Dancando com o Papai Noel
New Birth Brass Band  –  Santa’s Second Line  –  New Orleans Christmas
Tomas Kocko & Orchest  –  Tak Sem Sobe  –  Koleda / The Carol
Berlin Symphony Orchestra  –  The Nutcracker Suite (Baz Kuts Breaks Mix)  –  Christmas Remixed
Shirim Klezmer Orchestra  –  Dance of the Dreydls  –  Klezmer Nutcracker
Joseph Spence  –  Santa Claus Is Coming to Town  –  Must Be Santa
Alison Brown Quartet w/ Joe Craven  –  Carol and the Kings  –  World Christmas Party
Kai Wingenfelder & Rainer Schumann   –  Rudolph das kleine Rentier (Indien)  –  Fröhliche Weihnacht überall (in 18 Liedern um die Welt)

Hour 2
Ballake Sissoko & Vincent Segal  –  “Ma-Ma” FC  –  Chamber Music
New York Twoubadou  –  Joyeux Noel  –  Christmas Around the World
Forro in the Dark  –  Rudolph the Rednose Reindeer  –  Christmas EP
Super Deluxe  –  Dominick the Donkey (The Italian Christmas Donkey)  –  Christmas in the Northwest 8
Azeez Khan & the Junglee Merrymakers  –  Ayo Gayeh Naachey  –  unknown
Dean Fraser  –  Frosty the Snowman  –  Reggae Pulse 4: Christmas Songs
Pure Heart  –  12 Days of Christmas Hawaiian Style  –  2.5
The Blue Hawaiians  –  Mele Kalikimaka  –  Christmas on Big Island
Ini Kimoze  –  All I Want for Christmas  –  A Putumayo World Christmas
Gotan Project  –  Tu Misterio  –  Tango 3.0
Os Velhinos Transviados  –  Noite Silenciosa  –  O Natal dos Velhinhos Transviados
SKRUK & Mahsa Vahdat  –  Jeg Er Den Som Er Beromt  –  I vinens spiel
Luis Villegas  –  We Three Kings  –  Guitarras de Navidad
Abraham Inc.  –  Moskowitz Remix  –  Tweet Tweet
Wimme  –  sohka (family)  –  Mun
Los Reyes  –  Yemaya  –  Gipsy Christmas

2010-12-17: New, Fave, and Banned music + interview with Deeyah

This week’s show featured new and old favorites, but the highlight was a long interview with Deeyah about the new album Listen to the Banned, highlighting musicians around the world who have faced censorship and repression. Who are these artists, and what is behind the various types of repression they face? Listen and find out… And you can learn more about the album at listentothebanned.com



Hour 1


Koalas Desperados  –  Fado Chupao  –  Koalas Desperados
Sway Machinery w” Khaira Arby  –  Gawad Teriamou 45 Edit  –  The House of Friendly Ghosts, Volume 1
Dao Bandon  –  Mae Jom Ka Lon  –  The Sound of Siam
Mahlathini  –  Woza Zoxolisa / Come Here and Apologize  –  King of the Groaners
Wimme  –  In Mun Du / It’s Not You  –  Mun
Mahsa Vahdat  –  Mystery  –  Listen to the Banned
Interview with Deeyah
Lapiro de Mbanga  –  Constitution Constipee (excerpt)  –  Listen to the Banned

Hour 2
Ferhat Tunc  –  Alisero  –  Listen to the Banned
Terrakota  –  Ilegal  –  World Massala
Hard Proof  –  No Consideration  –  Hard Proof
Johnny Clegg  –  Magumede  –  Human
Manooghi Hi  –  Humm  –  Manooghi Hi
James Whetzel  –  God Rest Ye Funky Bhangra  –  single
Tiharea  –  Anara Ty Anake  –  Ry Ampela
Ballake Sissoko & Vincent Segal  –  Mako Mady  –  Chamber Music
Kazucuta  –  Os Bongos  –  Angola Soundtrack: Special sounds from Luanda 1965-1978
A Hawk & a Handsaw  –  Uskudar  –  Cervantine
Picoso  –  Descarga  –  Mas Picao

2010-12-10: Monkey Music!

Spin The Globe is rarely devoted specifically to one kind of critter, but monkeys seem to grab the attention of humans. Perhaps it’s because we’re relatives, perhaps just because monkeys are interesting (and sometimes make good anthropomorphic stand-ins for misbehaving humans). Whatever the reason, Spin The Globe has collected songs about monkeys from all over the planet for your listening pleasure on this week’s show. From misbehaving Cuban orangutans to devoted Indian monkey warriors. Hear no evil, but listen to this show!

monkeyRemember, you can catch the archive of this show for a limited time at soundroots.podomatic.com

Hour 1
Girish  –  Hanuman 2  –  Shiva Machine
Manu Chao  –  Bongo Bong  –  World Playground
Blind Blake  –  The Monkey Song  –  Native Caribbean Rhythms & Songs sampler
Pepe & the Bottle Blondes  –  L’Oranguta  –  Latenight Betty
The Budos Band  –  Monkey See, Monkey Do  –  The Budos Band
Farm Boys  –  Monkey Song  –  Music from Honduras 2: Garifuna Music
Les Touffes Kretiennes  –  Monkey  –  Crazy Punk Brass Band
Mutabaruka  –  The Monkey     –  Life Squared
S.D.V. Swing Band  –  Monkey Jive No.3  –  South African Jive Vol. 2 – Sax & Flute Jive
Gamelan X  –  Hanuman’s Leap  –  Satu
Ayetoro  –  The Revenge of the Flying Monkeys  –  Nu Afrobeat Experience
Masaladosa  –  Monkey Temple feat. Sandhya Sanjana  –  Electro World Curry
Jai Uttal  –  Monkey (excerpt)  –  Monkey

Hour 2
Los Pericos  –  Monkey Man  –  Mystic Love
An Chang Project  –  Monkey Harmonizing Song  –  Monkey Harmonizing Songs
The New Swing Sextet  –  Monkey See, Monkey Do  –  Brown Sugar – Latin Breakbeats, Basslines & Boogaloo
Balkan Beat Box  –  Digital Monkey  –  Nu Med
unidentified  –  I Wanna Be Like You  –  The Jungle Book soundtrack
unidentified artists  –  Ketjak: The Ramayana Monkey Chant (excerpt)   –  Golden Rain: Balinese Gamelan Music/Ketjak: The Ramayana Monkey Chant
MC Yogi w/ Jai Uttal  –  Rock On Hanuman   –  Elephant Power
Flying Jazz Queens  –  Monkey Jive 66  –  South African Jive Vol.1 – Zulu Vocal Jive
The Refugee AllStars  –  Monkey Work  –  Living Like a Refugee
Ron, Pan  –  Monkey Dance  –  Cambodian Rocks Vol. 2
Fubuki Daiko  –  Monkey  –  Zanshin
Esta  –  Monkey’s Paradise  –  Mediterranean Crossroads
Victor Uwaifo  –  Joromi/Monkey yanga  –  Best of Victor Uwaifo
Sean Johnson & The Wild Lotus Band  –  Jai Hanuman (Faith)  –  Devaloka
The Darbuki Kings  –  Eleven Monkeys  –  Been Laden You Too Long

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