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Note: KAOS-fm, the station that airs Spin The Globe, is closed (though still broadcasting mostly via automation). Spin The Globe is still fresh weekly, though, from our own self-isolated studio. Stay safe, global listeners! 


WMiaToQ, Week 11: World Music Mix
A tasty blend of musical flavors from every direction on Earth. With a couple fun cover songs tossed in for extra spice.

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June 5: (STG from Home, Week 12): HonkFest @Home
This weekend was supposed to usher in HonkFest West, an annual street party of brass bands, marching groups, drums, weirdos, and freaks. We may have to keep our weirdness at home (note: the fest is postponed, but not officially cancelled), but we can still march and dance to great music. To make a request, leave a note on the STG Facebook page.

June  12: World Music Top 10
Hear a song from each of the best new global releases, plus other worldly sounds — new and old — in hour 2. To make a request, leave a note on the STG Facebook page.

June  19: Caribbean Music
June 20 marks the Summer Solstice for those of us in the north. And June 19 is the birthday of Jamaican guitarist Ernest Ranglin. Put them together and you get a show of great Caribbean music to usher in the summer. Have a Caribbean request? Leave a note on the STG Facebook page.


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