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Spin The Globe (est. 1998) finds and shares the best global music, both new and old. Fresh weekly on KAOS-fm and on CBFwebRadio =========================================

STG #1207: Top 10 World Music Albums, January edition
Featuring a song from the ten best new releases, plus other great global music new and old.

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STG #1208: (Jan. 21) Touré, Touré, Traoré!
The west African surname Touré may be derived from tùùré, the word for ‘elephant’ in Soninké, the language of the Ghana empire (thanks Wikipedia!). It’s a name that definitely has a huge footprint in the music of the region; this show features artists including Samba Touré, Saleshe Touré, Sidi Touré, the group Touré Touré, and of course Ali Farka Touré and his son Vieux Farka Touré. Similar but unrelated is the name Troaré, moniker of great musicians including Boubacar, Lobi, and Rokia.

STG #1209: (Jan. 28) Now & Then: 1972
We dig into the archives for global music from 50 years ago, and alternate that with music from now.

STG #1210: (Feb. 4) Music of Small Islands
The group/collective Small Islands Big Song plays at Tacoma’s Pantages Theater tonight, a perfect excuse to explore their music and other music from small(-ish) islands, probably including Reunion, Mallorca, Lombok, Samosir, Trinidad, Bali,  Crete, Corsica, Puerto Rico, Tahiti, Grand Bahama, and Martinique.

STG #1211: (Feb. 11) World Music Mix
A mix of new music, old faves, and your requests (submit them  via Facebook or email).

STG #1212: (Feb. 18) Top 10 World Music Albums, February edition
Hear a song from the ten best new releases, plus other great global music new and old. Requests welcome via Facebook or email.

STG #1213: (Feb. 25) Mardi Gras / Carnival
The big Mardi Gras finale is March 1; we’ll join the party early with music from Brazil, New Orleans, and other places where Carnival is celebrated with musical gusto.

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