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Note: KAOS-fm, the station that airs Spin The Globe, is closed (though still broadcasting mostly via automation). Spin The Globe is still fresh weekly, though, from our own self-isolated studio. Stay safe, global listeners! 


STG #1143: Global Cover Songs
Two hours of cover songs with artists from Brazil, Tuva, Benin, Cuba, Russia, and beyond covering songs by Guns N’ Roses, The Clash, Iron Butterfly, Talking Heads, Queen, Michael Jackson, and much more. Yes, including things that you’ve definitely not heard before.

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STG #1144: (Oct. 30) Halloween / Day of the Dead Music
We celebrate ancestors this week, along with some spooky and scary global sounds. Your requests welcome; email them or drop a note on the STG Facebook page in advance of the show. 

STG #1145: (Nov. 6) Post-election songs
A collection of songs reflecting the Zeitgeist following the USA presidential election.

STG #1146: (Nov. 13)  Top 10 World Music Albums, November edition
Hear songs from the ten best new global releases, plus other music old and new in the second hour of the show.

STG #1147: (Nov. 20) 2020 meets 1995
We’ll ping-pong this week over a 25-year gap, alternating songs from now and songs from 1995. What was your favorite music of 1995?

STG #1148: (Nov. 27) Free Friday
Black Friday is all about consumption. Instead, we’ll have a musical celebration of things that are free:

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