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Note: KAOS-fm, the station that airs Spin The Globe, is closed but still broadcasting. Spin The Globe is still fresh weekly, from our own self-isolated studio. Stay safe, global listeners! 


STG #1156: Global Songs for a New Era
A global soundtrack for a new day in USA politics, with songs of victory, progress, and a brighter future.

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STG #1157: (Jan. 29) Moroccan Music
In memory of Rachid, a friend who recently passed away.

STG #1158: (Feb. 5) Global Music Mix
A hand-curated blend of old and new tunes from near and far, specially selected for your aural appreciation.

STG #1159: (Feb. 12) Songs of the Heart + Chinese New Year
A celebration of the heart from global artists as Valentines Day nears. And perhaps some Chinese music, since today marks the Chinese New Year (welcome to the Year of the Ox!). 

STG #1160: (Feb. 19) Top 10 Global Albums, February edition
Hear songs from the ten best new global releases, plus other music old and new in the second hour of the show.  Have a request? Let me know in advance by leaving a note on the STG Facebook page or via email.

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