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Note: KAOS-fm, the station that airs Spin The Globe, is closed (though still broadcasting mostly via automation). Spin The Globe is still fresh weekly, though, from our own self-isolated studio. Stay safe, global listeners! 


STG #1147: 2020 meets 1995
We ping-pong this week over a 25-year gap, alternating songs from now and songs from 1995. What was your favorite music of 1995?

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STG #1148: (Nov. 27) Free Friday
Black Friday is all about shopping and spending and consumption. Instead, we’ll have a musical celebration of things that are free, and songs that will set your mind and spirit free.

STG #1149: (Dec. 4) Global Music Gumbo
Music new and old, from near and far. And of course, your requests, if you make them in advance by leaving a note on the STG Facebook page or email them.

STG #1150: (Dec. 11) Hanukkah & Mountain Songs
Hannukah has just begun, and it’s also International Mountain Day. We’ll celebrate both. Is there klezmer music about mountains? Tune in to find out…

STG #1151: (Dec. 18) Favorite Songs of 2020
We look back at the music of this long, strange year and pick out some of our favorites from around the planet.

STG #1152: (Dec. 25) Have a Merry World Music Christmas!
Global Christmas songs, tunes about winter, and perhaps some Kwanzaa music thrown in as well. Happy holidays!

STG #1153: (Jan. 1) New Music for a New Year!
All new tunes this week, featuring artists from around the planet.

STG #1154: (Jan. 8) TBA
Show theme TBA

STG #1155: (Jan. 15) Top 10 Global Albums, January edition
Hear songs from the ten best new global releases, plus other music old and new in the second hour of the show.  Have a request? Let me know in advance by leaving a note on the STG Facebook page or via email.

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