2011-04-08 You Heard Them on KAOS + pledge

Nawal - performing live on Spin The Globe (KAOS-fm)This is one of two times a year I ask you to step up and be counted as a supporter — not just a listener — of Spin The Globe. Even if you always listen online, you will know that Spin The Globe airs on KAOS-fm, a radio station that has to pay bills for programming, electricity, internet, equipment, and a few paltry salaries. Most of the station’s work (all of its on-air work!) is done by volunteers. And done well.

We ask that you consider just how valuable this resource is to you, and make a contribution. You can give $20, or $1000, or whatever works for you. But each member is important to us, and we want to hear from you.

So please take a moment right now to call 360-867-5267 or donate online at www.KAOSradio.org Thanks!

This week’s show featured music by artists who have been interviewed or have played live on Spin The Globe. The show includes a few in-studio recordings that you can’t hear anywhere else. Enjoy, and remember to become a KAOS member for the warm glow it will give you (people will notice!).

Remember, you can catch the archive of this show for a limited time at http://soundroots.podomatic.com

And you can still grab this show — and subscribe so you’ll never miss an episode — via iTunes.

Hour 1
(artist – song – album)
Christine Vaindirlis  –  Indaba (Home)  –  Dance Mama!
Rachid Taha  –  Selu  –  Bonjour
James Whetzel  –  On the Eve of  –  My Road to Somewhere
Vagabond Opera  –  Charlie Chaplain Nonsense Song  –  live recording on KAOS-fm
Te Vaka  –  Kalueu  –  Ki Mua
Chiwoniso  –  Gomo  –  Rebel Woman
Vusi Mahlasela  –  When You Come Back  –  When You Come Back
Brian Keane & Omar Faruk Tekbilek  –  Nihâvend Fantazi   (Modal Fantasy)   –  Suleyman The Magnificent soundtrack
Baka Beyond  –  Sad Among Strangers  –  Live performance for KAOS-fm via sattelite
Bat Makumba  –  Ca Minina  –  Bat Makumba
Hugh Masekela  –  Something for Nothing  –  Tomorrow

Hour 2
Abraham Inc  –  Abe Inc Techno Mix  –  Tweet Tweet
Abraham Inc  –  Tweet-Tweet  –  Tweet Tweet
Andy Palacio  –  Watina (I Called Out)  –  Watina
Yawo  –  Take Out the Fences  –  Take Out the Fences
Yale Strom  –  Tchainik Waltz  –  A Wandering Jew
Wai  –  E Ramgatahi Ma  –  Live on Spin The Globe
Lagbaja  –  Dress With Sense  –  Sharp Sharp
Ladysmith Black Mambazo  –  Vuka (Wake Up Little Chicks)  –  Songs from a Zulu Farm
Djelimady Tounkara  –  Solon Kono  –  Solon Kono
Obo Addy & Okropong  –  Sounds from the Woods  –  Traditional Music of Ghana
Angelique Kidjo  –  Koro-Koro  –  Fifa
Prince Diabate  –  Mandingo Reggae  –  New Life

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