2011-05-06 World Music for Kids + Tigerstyle interview

tigerstyleWith the Giant Magnet Festival happening next week, gather the youngsters around the radio for two hours of great, kid-focused global music. And along with the music, a conversation with Pops of the UK-based bhangra group Tigerstyle, who play at Giant Magnet, then at the City of Bhangra festival in Vancouver, BC.

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Hour 1
Michael Franti & Spearhead  –  Hello Bonjour  –  Global Lingo
Moussu T e lei Jovents  –  Quand je la vois, je fonds  –  Putan de Cancon
Di Grine Kuzine  –  Karel’s Kumbia  –  Funky Pukanky
Ska Cubano  –  Malanga Ska (DJ Floro & Alex Acosta Remix)  –  The Rough Guide to Music for Children
The Coconut Heads  –  Busy  –  The Roots
Jaime Cuadra  –  Cholo Soy (edit)  –  Cholo Soy Peruvian Waltz Chillout
Kheswa  –  Beautiful Day  –  Picnic Playground
Mahotella Queens  –  Kgarebe Tsaga Mothusi [Mothusi’s Daughter]  –  Marriage Is a Problem
Tigerstyle  –  Heer  –  Mystics, Martyrs, and Maharajas
Zap Mama  –  Zap Bebes  –  Ancestry in Progress
Magnifico  –  Pismu Kumu (Rambo Rambo)  –  Magnification
Dick Lee  –  Wo Wo Ni Ni  –  The Mad Chinaman
Blind Blake  –  The Monkey Song  –  Native Caribbean Rhythms and Songs Sampler
Ca Chante  –  SMOD  –  SMOD
Ziggy Marley  –  I Love You Too  –  Family Time
Tigerstyle  –  Jatt mele Chaliya  –  Mystics, Martyrs, and Maharajas

Hour 2
interview with Pops from Tigerstyle (appearing at Giant Magnet festival)
Tigerstyle  –  Maan Doabe Daa  –  Mystics, Martyrs, and Maharajas
Tomas Gubitsch et al  –  Toma Que Toma  –  Songs of Innocence
Luminescent Orchestrii  –  Neptune’s Daughter  –  Neptune’s Daughter
Ladysmith Black Mambazo  –  Uthekwane (The Prettiest Bird?)  –  Songs from a Zulu Farm
Manu Chao  –  Bongo Bong  –  World Playground
Soznak  –  Tata y Mama  –  Dear Dad Tango
Teresa Cristina  –  Se a Alegria Existe  –  Brazilian Playground
Tony Rebel  –  Bare Necessities  –  Reggae for Kids Movie Classics
Jaime Cuadra  –  El Plebeyo  –  Cholo Soy Peruvian Waltz Chillout
Tony Allen & Tweak  –  Leroy  –  Rough Guide to African Music for Children
Lokua Kanza  –  Good Bye  –  Toyebi Te

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