2011-05-13 Global Horns

HonkFest WestHorns. If you can’t hear them, you’re not paying attention. And I don’t mean the polite horn section of some soft soul hit. I’m talking big brash in-your-face horns marching down your street to take your lawn ornaments hostage. This weekend Seattle will be full of such windbag miscreants (and I mean that in the nicest way) as HonkFest West (http://honkfestwest.com/) returns. Spin The Globe celebrates their seasonal migrationthink Canada geese with megaphones and drum sections — with its own blast of global brass, from Bollywood to Brazilian to Balkan to New Orleans, and wherever else great global brass music is made. Can you handle it?

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Hour 1
Mahala Rai Banda  –  Kolo Baro  –  Ghetto Blasters
Hypnotic Brass Ensemble  –  Alyo  –  Hypnotic Brass Ensemble
Gangbe Brass Band  –  Tagbavo  –  Togbe
Dejan Petrović  –  El Chumbachero  –  Bands Play Serbian & World Music Hits
Bollywood Brass Band  –  Ramta Jogi  –  Rahmania
Boom Pam  –  Bulgarock  –  Alakazam
Samy El Bably  –  Asrar El Ein  –  Sahara Groove
Pitsicato Brass Band  –  Balkan Kan Muvi  –  Pitsicato Brass Band
The Haggis Horns  –  The Traveller Part One  –  Hot Damn!
The Sway Machinery w/ Khaira Arby  –  Skin to Skin  –  House of Friendly Ghosts Vol. 1
Tubaluba  –  St. James Infirmary  –  advance single
March Fourth Marching Band  –  Ah Ya Bibi  –  March Fourth Marching Band

Hour 2
Fanfare Vagabontu  –  Bubamara  –  Rabbids Go Home (OST)
Schael Sick Brass Band  –  Kostadin  –  Kesh Mesh
Jambalaya Brass Band   –  Jambalaya Got Fire  –  It’s A Jungle Out There
Balkan Beat Box  –  Sunday Arak feat. Dana Leong  –  Balkan Beat Box
Va Fan Fahre  –  Ethiopian Gypsy  –  Zet Je Maar
Boban Markovic Orkestar feat. Marko Markovic  –  The Train  –  The Promise
Haïdouti Orkestar  –  Pesma  –  Tek Tek
Antwerp Gipsy-Ska Orkestra  –  Basalaja feat. Marko Markovic  –   I Lumia Mo Kher
The Haggis Horns  –  The Traveller Part Two  –  Hot Damn!
Skatalites  –  Freedom Sounds  –  From Paris With Love
Femi Kuti  –  Fight To Win feat. Jaguar Wright  –  Fight to Win
Samite  –  Nalubale  –  Embalassa

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