2011-08-19: Horn of Africa

Somali singer Maryam MursalMusic from the Horn of Africa today (including Maryam Mursal, pictured), to help draw attention the the need for famine relief, political reform, and other changes in Somalia and surrounding countries. In the second hour of the show, new releases and a few other tunes. Enjoy!

If you need ideas for how to help Somalia, visit: http://www.csmonitor.com/World/Africa/Africa-Monitor/2011/0720/UN-declares-famine-in-Somalia-How-to-help

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Hour 1
Waaberi  —  Rog Rogosho (Changing)  —  New Dawn
Tlahoun Gessesse   —  Yèné Felagoté  —  Ethiopiques Vol. 17
Teshome Meteku  —  Mot Adeladolgn  —  Ethiopiques Vol. 1
Saba  —  Huwaiahuwa  —  The Rough Guide to African Lullabies
Seynab Cige & Shego Band  —  Walee Aniga  —  Jaalaleey
Alèmayèhu Eshèté  —  Honey Baby  —  Ethiopiques Vol. 8
Getachew Mekuria & The Ex  —  Aha Begena  —  Moa Anbessa
Addis Acoustic Project  —  Enigenagnalen  —  Tewesta (Remembrance)
Mulatu Astatke  —  Mulatu’s Mood  —  Mulatu Steps Ahead
Maryam Mursal   —  Sodewou (Welcome)  —  The Journey
Bole 2 Harlem  —  Hi Loga  —  Bole 2 Harlem

Hour 2
Fredy Mossamba  —  Zonza  —  African Beat
Nation Beat  —  Tropicana (Morena Tropicana)  —  Growing Stone
El Rego  —  E Nan Mian Nuku  —  El Rego
Chiwoniso  —  Irobukairo  —  Rebel Woman
Dumisani Maraire  —  Chaminuka  —  African Odyssey
Mamani Keita  —  Douba  —  Gagner l’argent français
Bio Ritmo  —  Majadero  —  la Verdad
Kotolan  —  Techno Salsa  —  La Tienda de Groove
Cascadia ’10  —  Moon Go-Go (excerpt)  —  Live
Elspeth Savani  —  La Flor de la Canela  —  Flights of Mind
Rafa el Tachuela  —  Marmol y Granito  —  Best of Flamenco
Mamadou Diabate  —     —  Courage

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