2011-09-09: Music of Coastal West Africa

This show is a musical journey across Coastal West Africa, from Senegal in the north to Nigeria on the southern end. We mixed it up with both new and old music, to give a sense of the wide variety of music as we journey through time and through different tribes and nations.

Special congratulations to the listeners who won tickets to see Eliane Elias this weekend!

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Hour 1
Alif (Senegal)  –  Dakamerap  –  Dakamerap
Foday Musa Suso (The Gambia)  –  Bunfa Silence  –  The Dreamtime
Super Mama Djombo (Guinea-Bissau)  –  Aboku Boku Bandi  –  Super Mama Djombo
Famoro Dioubate’s Kakande (Guinea)  –  Bani  –  Dununya
Refugee Allstars (Sierra Leone)  –  Gbrr Mani  –  Rise & Shine
Malinda Parker & Howard Hayes (Liberia)  –  Bush Cow Milk  –  Songs of the African Coast: Café Music of Liberia
Manou Gallo (Ivory Coast)  –  Desert  –  Lowlin
Koo Nimo (Ghana) w/ Vishal Nagar  –  Aguado  –  Koo Nimo & Vishal Nagar
Tony Allen (Nigeria)  –  Afro-Disco-Beat (excerpt)  –  Racubah! – A Collection of Modern Afro Rhythms
Bella Bellow (Togo)  –  O Senye  –  Bem Bem EP
Julien Jacob (Benin)  –  Attends  –  Shanti
The Funkees (Nigeria)  –  Dancing Time  –  Nigeria 70: The Definitive Story of 1970’s Funky Lagos

Hour 2
Sabu Fanye  –  Wontanara  –  Audio Refuge
Doug Cox & Salil Bhatt  –  Make a Better World  –  Slide to Freedom 2
Brandon Terzic  –  Butterfly  –  Xalam Project
Eliane Elias  –  A Ra (the Frog)  –  Bossa Nova Stories
Ablaye Cissoko & Volker Goetze  –  Sakhadougou  –  Sira
Autorickshaw  –  Chennai Five-O  –  Four Higher
Staff Benda Bilili  –  Moziki  –  Tres Tres Fort
Ciro Hurtado  –  Marinera III   –  In My Mind
Ziggy Marley  –  Shalom Salaam  –  Dragonfly
Tinariwen  –  Asuf D Alwa  –  Tassili
Pharaoh’s Daughter  –  Askinu  –  Haran

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