2011-10-28: Halloween & Dia de los Muertos music

Like zombies digging their way out of the cemetery, spooky global tunes this week to celebrate Halloween, plus some perhaps less spooky songs about ancestors and the Mexican holiday Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead). Things didn’t work out for the planned interview with Cuban jazz innovator Omar Sosa, but we still spun some of his music and gave away some tickets to his show next week at Jazz Alley in Seattle. Congratulations to the winners, and to everyone who listened all the way through this scaaaaary show.jackolantern planet

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Hour 1
Tarika – Avelo (Afro Celt Ghost Mix) – 10: Beast, Ghosts & Dancing with History
Chet Nuneta – Llorona – Ailleurs
Tara Linda – Demon’s Cumbia – Tortilla Western Serenade
The Budos Band – Ghost Walk – The Budos Band
Tango Siempre – Dance of Death – Only Human
Cicala Mvta – Ghost Requiem – Ghost Circus
Brass Menazeri – Mejra Na Tabutu (Mejra in the Casket) – Vranjski San
Slide to Freedom – Spooky – 20,000 Miles
Tango Saloon – Kiss of Death – Transylvania
Lila Downs – La Reya del Inframundo – Pescados y Milagros
Zuco 103 – Sací (Ghost Boy in the Whirlwind) – Tales of High Fever
Divoký srdce – Nebeští jezdci / Ghost Riders in the Sky – Late Gathering
Zulya and The Children of The Underground – The Night Is Dark – 3 Nights

Hour 2
Omar Sosa & Greg Landau – Llorona – D.O. A Day Off
Ginger Johnson and his African Messengers – Witchdoctor – African Party
Zeep – Ghost Town (Isso não da) – Brazilution 5.8
Kocani Orkestar – La Llorona – The Ravished Bride
Tinariwen – Tameyawt – Tassili
Jadid Ensemble – Ayat – Sigh of the Moor
Omar Sosa – Aguas – Calma
Akiran Ahluwalia – Yaar Naal – Aam Zameen: Common Ground
Tango Saloon – Dance of the Dead – Transylvania
Kobo Town – Blood and Fire – Independence
DeLeon – La Ner V Livsomim – DeLeon
Te Vaka – Tamaiti Uma – Havili
Goran Bregovic – Imagine – Alkohol

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