2012-01-20 Snowed Out

Here’s your belated confirmation that there was no show this week. The snow and ice storm was quick and messy, knocking down a lot of tree limbs which in turned knocked out a lot of electricity, including that which supplies the KAOS transmitter. The station was fine, and could have broadcast using our fanch-schmancy generator. But without the transmitter up and running, all that great radio would have just sat in a sad little pile with no way for us to disperse it to your ears. The plan is for a generator at the transmitter site as well, but for now be assured that most electricity has been restored in Thurston (no, not Thurston Howell III) County, and all will soon be back to normal.

If by normal, you mean what we do at KAOS. Such as this Friday’s live in-studio Spin The Globe performance by The Polyrhythmics.

Thanks for bearing with us, and here’s hoping your home is warm and bright…



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