2013-02-01 Global Beats & World Rhythms

hand-drummingThis week, a show celebrating diverse rhythms from all over the planet, from flamenco to bhangra to didgeridu. Plus some new releases and concert previews in hour 2. Happy listening, and have a great weekend.

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Hour 1
The Mighty Zulu Nation
“Mdavu the Man” from Abantu

Tinariwen “Imidiwan Ma Tennam” from Tassili

Christine Salem “Django” from Salem Tradition

Tarkan “Dudu” from Turkish Groove

The Afro-Semitic Experience “Adoshem, Adoshem, Part 2” from Further Definitions of the Days of Awe (feat. Jack Mendelson, Erik Contzius, Lisa Arbisser & Daniel Mendelson)

Matata “I Feel Funky” from Pulp Fusion – Africa Funk

Benjamin Escoriza “Talisman” from Rough Guide to Flamenco

Red Baraat “Sialkot” from Shruggy Ji

David Starfire “Shiva Lives” from Ascend

Mynta “Rapatal” from First Summer

Mopmop “Let I Go feat. Anthony Joseph” from Isle of Magic

Bixiga 70 “Grito de Paz” from Bixiga 70

Ali Hassan Kuban “Ama Ries Kenalky” from Nubian Magic

Hour 2
Tamburi Mundi
“Tel Halaf” from The Wizards of Rhythm

Malkit Singh “Chal Hun (Get Up Fix)” from Rough Guide to Bhangra Dance

Stephen Kent “Ouled Sergo” from Oil & Water

Oratnitza “Sharena Gaida (feat. Deyan Stoev)” from Oratnitza

Talitha MacKenzie “Hopa!” from Spiorad (Spirit)

Tony Allen “Kindness” from HOMECOOKING

Andra Kouyate & Sèkè Chi “Yereko (feat. Lassana Diabaté On Balaphone)” from Saro

Leni Stern “Ami” from Africa

Congo Sanchez “T.E.T.O. (Strut)” from Vol. 1 – EP

Habib Koité & Eric Bibb “Tombouctou” from Brothers In Bamako

Nuru Kane “Sadye” from Exile

Vusa Mkhaya “Diaspora” from Vocalism

Isra-Alien “Eishes Chayil” from Somewhere Is Here!

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