2012-04-20 Global Mambo + Pledge Plea

It’s Tito Puente’s birthday! We celebrated the King of the Timbales by playing his music, and other music in the salsa-mambo vibe from all over the planet this week. Plus new releases and other groovy stuff in hour 2. Please give us the gift of your membership to your favorite community radio station during the KAOS spring membership drive. Pledge online, or call 360-867-5267 during the drive, and tell them Spin The Globe sent you.

Thanks for listening, and for supporting commercial-free public radio!

mambo for cats lp cover

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Hour 1
Ska Cubano “Mambo Ska” from Ay Caramba!

Kocani Orkestar “Gypsy Mambo” from Gypsy Mambo

Tito Puente “Vibe Mambo” from The Rough Guide to Tito Puente

Tito Puente “Mambo Tipico” from The Rough Guide to Tito Puente

Choco Orta “La Nueva Reina del Sabor” from Rough Guide: Salsa Divas

Chuy Reyes “Oink Oink Mambo” from Ultra Lounge Vol. 2 Mambo Fever

Yma Sumac “Five Bottles Mambo” from The Complete Yma Sumac

Mongo Santamaria and Friends “Mambo Mongo” from Mambo Mongo

Salamat “Mambo el Soudani” from Rough Guide to Latin Arabia

Cachao’s Mambo All Stars “Cunde” from Como Siempre

La Internacional Sonora Balkanera “Siki Mambo” from Tan Lejos de Sarajevo

Fruko y Sus Tesos “Mambo No. 5” from Rough Guide to Mambo

La-33 “Pantera Mambo” from Rough Guide: World Music for Children

Hour 2
Celia Cruz & Tito Puente “Mi Rico Son” from Algo Especial Para Recordar

Ali Hassan Kuban “Bettitogor Agiil” from Rough Guide to Ali Hassan Kuban

Bole 2 Harlem “Hoya Hoye” from Bole 2 Harlem, Vol. 1

The Bombay Royale “You Me Bullets Love” from You Me Bullets Love

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan “Kanday Utay” from Charkha

Chica Libre “La Danza del Millonario” from Canibalismo

Tony Allen “Love Is a Natural Thing (excerpt)” from Afro Disco Beat

Slavic Soul Party “Sing Sing Cocek” from New York Underground Tapes

Deladap “Dema Love!” from I Know What You Want

Amadou & Mariam “Baro” from Folila

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