2012-04-27 Global Rhythm & Percussion

This week’s episode features all manner of rhythm from all corners of the Earth, from water drumming to vocal percussion to rhythms played on actual drums. All in honor of this weekend’s Procession of the Species here in Olympia, and the World Rhythm Festival a bit to the north of us. hand drumming

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Hour 1
Gamelan X “Gammafro” from Satu

Tactequeté “Uapa” from Tactequequé?

BraAgas “Radule” from Fuerte

Kalani “Zun Zun” from Rhythm Spirit

Tito Puente “Ran Kan Kan (Thunderball vs. Fort Knox Five Remix)” from single

Achanak “Hai Margae” from East 2 West Bhangra

Clave y Guanguanco “Candela” from Futuro flamenco II

Larry McDonald “No More” from Drumquestra

Misirli Ahmet “Gezgin – the Traveller” from Percussion Mediterranean Grand Masters

Sakir Hussain, Sultan Khan, Arjun Shejwal, et. al. “Taal Vadya Kutcheri in Adi Taal (excerpt)” from In Memory of Alla Rakha – The Wizard of Tabla

Hour 2
Ali Reza Ghorbani et. al. “The Gift of Oneself” from The Rhythm of Speech II

Dhol Foundation “TDF Meet DCS” from Big Drum Small World

Jon Sterckx “Tounge Twister” from Drumscapes

Nation Beat “Forró for Salu” from Growing Stone

Boban i Marko Marković Orkestar “SAT” from Golden Horns

Greg Ellis “Form 4” from Explorations in Rhythym

Orkestar Zirkonium “Nekemtenemmutogatol Oro” from Orkestar Zirkonium

Nico Gomez And His Afro Percussion Inc. “Lupita” from Ritual

Joseph Pepe Danza “Passage” from Emerge

Slavic Soul Party “The Last Man Standing” from New York Underground Tapes

Atef Mitkal Kenawy “Khaligi” from Passion for percussion

Batida “Tribalismo” from Batida

Giovanni Hidalgo “Hands In Motion” from Hands of Rhythm

Suphala “Secret Language” from The Now

The Toure-Raichel Collective “Kfar” from The Tel Aviv Session

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