2012-06-29 Afro-Latin Tunes

Afro-Latin music on Spin The Globe world music radioThis week we explore the musical styles that sailed from Africa to the Americas, and have been bouncing back and forth ever since. Latin music from Africa, African percussion underlying Latin songs — and other twists on Afro-Latin music this week. Plus cuts from new released by Erev Rav, Lara Bello, Andra Kouyate, Chicago Afrobeat Project, and more.

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Hour 1
Totó La Momposina
“Las Cuatro Palomas” from Carmelina

Wendo Kolosoy “Marie Louise” from Ngoma – the early years 1948-1960

Ska Cubano “Tabu” from Ay Caramba!

Mulatu Astatke “I Faram Gami I Faram” from Mulatu Steps Ahead

Orquesta Sonora Curro “Patuleco” from Cartagena! Curro Fuentes & The Big Band: cumbia and descarga sound of Colombia 1962-72

Orchestra Baobab “Setukun” from Specialist In All Styles

Santero “Cabio Sile” from El Hijo de Obatala

Laba Sosseh “Son Soneate” from Congo to Cuba

Novalima “Kumaná” from Coba Coba

Orchestre Poly Rythmo “Zizi” from Echos Hypnotiques

Eva Ayllon “El Muneco De La Ciudad” from Kimba Fa

Patato feat. Samba Mapangala “Kora-Son” from Rough Guide to Afro-Cuba

Hour 2
Bobi Céspedes
“Como Te Extrano” from Rezos

Chicha Libre “La Plata (En Mi Carrito de Lata)” from Canibalismo

Debo Band “And Lay” from Debo band

Maga Bo “Tempos Insanos (feat. BNegão)” from Quilombo Do Futuro

Erev Rav “The Funk Tash” from Klezmorphic

Ecco La Musica “Le Cafe du Zombie” from Morning Moon

Somerville Symphony Orkestar “Molotov” from Somerville Symphony Orkestar

Congo Sanchez “T.E.T.O. (Strut)” from Congo Sanchez Volume 1 – EP

Lara Bello “La Petite Feuille” from Primero amarillo Después malva

Staff Benda Bilili “Osali Mabe” from Osali Mabe – Single

Andra Kouyate & Sèkè Chi “I Yele with Seke Chi Intro” from Saro

Chicago Afrobeat Project “Colonial Waiting Room” from Nyash Up!

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