2012-10-05 Music of Arab Lands + Olympia Arab Fest preview

Thanks for everyone’s support for Spin The Globe and KAOS-fm during today’s show and the first day of the KAOS fall membership drive. If you missed out, you can still join or renew by calling 360-867-5267 or visiting www.KAOSradio.org.Tarik Bentlemsami playing live during Spin The Globe at KAOS-fm

Special thanks to Amirah for sharing about this weekend’s first Arab Festival in Olympia, and to Tarik for bringing in his guitar and sharing some fantastic music. He’ll be playing several times at the festival; complete details at http://rachelcorriefoundation.org/peaceworks/arab-fest-2012

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Hour 1
Hamid El Shaeri
“Hely Meli” from Arabic Groove

Malouma “Welfi” from DUNYA

Khaled “IMAGINE” from Kenza

Nawal “Shinda” from Voice of the Comoros

Ali Hassan Kuban “Mabrouk Wo Arisna” from Nubian Magic

Egyptian Project “Anta Ana” from Ya Amar

Ez-Zouhour “Ordhouni zouz sbaya (Meeting Two Girls)” from Ez-Zouhour: Music of Tunisia

Fantazia “Mul Sheshe” from Mul Sheshe

Aziza Brahim “Machair” from Mabruk

Hour 2
Mahmoud Fadl
“Ana Wehabibi” from the Rough Guide to Arabic Cafe

Fatna Bent El Hocine “Taala Fine Ghadi” from The Rough Guide to the Music of Morocco

Stereo MC’s “FEVER” from Arabesque

Interview about first Olympia Arab Festival w/ live guitar by Tarik Bentlemsami

Chalf Hassan “Lalla Fatima” from Arabic Songs from North Africa

Salamat “Noura” from Nubiana

Hossam Ramzy “Waba Be-ied Annak” from Hossam Ramzy’s Bellydance Workshop

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