2013-03-08 International Women’s Day

Mamy WataWe celebrate UN International Womens Day with music from women across the globe, from South Africa to France, Bulgaria to Palestine, and beyond. To some extent, I steered clear of the well-known names of world music, and tried to highlight some younger and less-well-know musicians. Hope you find things here to enjoy, and to prompt you to find out more about the artists. Women: Can’t live without ’em, wouldn’t want to.

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Hour 1
Madame Afrique
“Bafazi Vukani – Women Wake Up [Epilogue]” from She’s Hot!

Tam Echo Tam “Yvan” from Dawn

Emilia Amper “Isadoras Land” from Trollfageln

Kiran Ahluwalia “Meri Gori Gori” from Kiran Ahluwalia

Reem Kelani “Sprinting Gazelle” from Sprinting Gazelle

Mariem Hassan “Alamalhfa” from El Aaiun Egdat

Moana & The Tribe “Whaura” from WHA

Yungchen Lhamo “Dorje-Den” from Tibet, Tibet

Yasmin Levy “Shoef Kemo Eved” from Libertad

GiGi “Hulu-Dane” from Gold & Wax

Ulali “MOTHER” from Mahk Jchi

Camille “Allez allez allez (Live)” from Ilo Lympia

Cesaria Evora “Esperanca” from Mae Carinhosa

Fatoumata Diawara “Boloko” from Fatou

Hour 2
Dobet Gnahoré
“Nsielé” from Ano Neko

Chela Torres/Desere Diego “Merua” from Umalali: The Garifuna Women’s Project

Leni Stern “Djarabi (My Love)” from Smoke, No Fire

Sussan Deyhim “Glyphs On the Horizon” from City of Leaves

Yale Strom & Hot Pstromi “Sofia’s Song” from The Devil’s Brides

Rim Banna “Malek” from The Mirrors of My Soul

Mamy Wata, Déa Nam Gann, David Clavel & Philippe Cordelier “Dis-Moi” from Promesse

Nuriya “Brotha Mío” from Tanita

Sarah Aroeste “Gracia” from Gracia

Nina Stern and Daphna Mor “Heokiari” from East of the River

Vera Bila & Kale “Na Kamav” from Kale Kalore

Karoline de la Serna “Feminidad” from Traduzca

Bulgarian Voices Angelite “If I Were the Sun” from Angelina

Francesca Blanchard “Sous le Ciel de Paris” from Vintage France

Eva Ayllon “El Surco” from Kimba Fa

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