2013-09-06 Indiaspora

Indiaspora - Indian music from around the globeYou can find music with its roots in India now spread all over the planet. And not just the Roma-flamenco path; today there’s Bollywood music erupting from Australia (The Bombay Royale), Indo-jazz from Toronto (Autorickshaw) and the India-rock sound of Seattle’s own Manooghi Hi. Check out this episode of SpinTheGlobe for many samples of this global “Indiaspora.”

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Hour 1
Doug Cox & Salil Bhatt
“Freedom Raga” from Slide to Freedom 2: Make a Better World

Delhi 2 Dublin “Apples” from Delhi 2 Dublin

Pepe Habichuela & The Bollywood Strings “Bangalore Krishna” from Yerbagüena

Tandava “Common Ground” from Tandava

Ganesh Collective “Jaipur Dream” from Bombay Lounge

Girish “Shiva Shakti” from Shiva Machine

Salaam “Retik” from Salaam

Trilok Gurtu “Cherry Town” from The Glimpse

Set break — Community Billboard

DJ Maharashtra “Cold Shadow at the Oasis” from Bombay Lounge

The Bollywood Brass Band “Guhr Nalon Iskh Mitha (From the Film “Jaari Jatt Di”)” from Chaiyya Chaiyya (feat. Rafaqat Ali Khan)

Indialucia “Raag & Ole” from Indialucia

Hour 2
“Ganamurthy” from Four Higher

Paban Das Baul & Sam Mills “Nacho Kali” from Real Sugar

Debashish Bhattacharya and Friends “JD2 Pillusion” from Beyond the Ragasphere

A.R. Rahman & Chinmayee “Tere Bina” from India

Susheela Raman “Amba” from Love Trap

Tabla Beat Science “Taaruf (excerpt)” from Live in San Francisco at Stern Grove

Set break — Entertainment Calendar

Rakesh Chaurasia “Sitaram Kaho Redheshyam” from Namaste Flowering

Christine Salem “Maloki” from Salem Tradition

Nashaz “City of Sand” from Nashaz

TriBeCaStan “The Blue Sky of Your Eyes” from New Songs from the Old Country

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