2013-11-29 – Black Friday + Hanukkah

BlacBlack Friday KAOS!k Friday. On KAOS, that means songs from Oliver Mtukudzi & the Black Spirits, Black Cat Orchestra, and Banda Black Rio – and songs with titles like “Kale Bala (Black Hair),” “Luz Negra,” and “Noir Et Blanc.” Which are all included in this week’s episode, along with a few songs to help kick off Hanukkah.

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Hour 1
Kobo Town
“Beautiful Soul” from Independence

Mad Manoush “Les Yeux Noir (Dark Eyes)” from Gadjo

Thomas Mapfumo and the Blacks Unlimited “Usatambe Nenyoka” from Choice Chimurenga

Peru Negro “Negrito” from Jolgorio

Solomon & Socalled “Alt. Shul Kale Bazetsn” from HipHopKhasene

Tony Gatlif “Noir Et Blanc” from Exils (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Chichi Peralta “La Negra Bella” from De Aquel La’o Del Rio

Terne Čhave “Kale Bala (Black Hair)” from Kaj džas

Susana Baca “Lamento Negro” from Lamento Negro

Set break — Community Billboard

Eccodek “Black Beauty (Eccodek Remix)” from Shivaboom

The Spy From Cairo “Marseilles Noir” from Arabadub

The Klezmatics “Shvarts Un Vays (Black and White)” from Possessed

Hour 2
Koalas Desperados
“Negro (feat. Foreign Beggars, Lhabanero & Korbo)” from Koalas Desperados

Banda Black Rio “Som Preto” from Super Nova Samba Funk (Deluxe Edition)

Kal “Negro” from Romology

Olodum “Raca Negra” from Egito Madagáscar

Vera Bila & Kale “Ma Dza Nikhaj” from Kale Kalore

[Dunkelbunt] “Black Eyed Sea (feat. Amsterdam Klezmer Band)” from Morgenlandfahrt (Deluxe Edition)

Black Cat Orchestra “Yaleli” from Black Cat Orchestra

Klezperanto “Tartar Tanz” from Klezperanto: Klezperanto

Les Yeux Noirs “Balamouk” from Balamouk

The Shin “Black Sea Firedance” from Black Sea Fire

Set break — Concert Calendar

Os Magrelos “Luz Negra” from For Whom The Cowbell Tolls

Orishas “537 C.U.B.A.” from Antidiotico

Oliver Mtukudzi “Mbodza” from Sarawoga

Derek Gripper “Kaira (Peace)” from One Night on Earth: Music from the Strings of Mali

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