2014-03-07 Women of World Music

Gina ChavezIn celebration of International Women’s Day on 8 March, this week’s show features music by women from around the planet.

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Hour 1
Esma Redzepova “Kamloreja” from Queen of the Gypsies

Aziza Brahim “Lagi” from Soutak

Chiwoniso “Kurima” from Rebel Woman

Gina Chavez “Siete-D (feat. Adrian Quesada & Grupo Fantasma)” from up.rooted

K I T (Kuenta I Tambú) “La Senora” from Tambutronic

Nistha Raj “Shivranjani (feat. Christylez Bacon & Wytold)” from Exit 1

Şevval Sam “Sarhoşm Sarhoş (Bir Çapkıa Yangıı)” from Tango

Amanda Homi “Kaisariani” from Till I Reach Bombay

Set break — Community Billboard

Black Masala “Bhangra V” from Black Masala

Eneida Marta “Garandessa” from Lôpe Kaï

Angelique Kidjo “Eva (with Asa)” from Eve

Mamani Keita “Mogobaou” from Kanou

Freshlyground “Mowbray Kaap” from Nomvula

Hour 2
“Ruskei Neicüt” from Magie

Amparanoia “Hacer Dinero” from El Poder de Machín

Susheela Raman “MAYA” from Salt Rain

Kari Bremnes “Egentlig En Danser” from Ly

BraAgas “La Comida” from Yallah!

Ana Alcaide “Las Tres Hermanicas” from Como la Luna y el Sol

Sevda “Goy-Gol” from Gul Acdi (A Flower in Bloom)

Yasmin Levy “Nani Nani” from Mano Suave

Set break — Concert Calendar

Shiela Chandra “The Struggle / The Dream” from Roots and Wings

Värttinä “Oi Dai” from Oi Dai

Mahotella Queens “Malaika” from Women of the World

Moana & The Moa Hunters “Tahi (Roots Mix)” from Tahi

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