2015-06-19 – Honk! A celebration of brass, street, and marching bands

Honkfest west 2015Honk!Fest West takes over the streets of Seattle this weekend, and STG kicks things off with a raucous two hours of global brass, street, marching, drum, and other such groups.

Note: the KAOS transmitter was down today, so the only way to hear this show was the live stream, or the archive on Mixcloud or Radio Free America. We hope to have the transmitter fixed right quick.

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Hour 1
Brass Menazeri
“Vranjanka” from Vranjski San (Vranjski Dream)

Frank London’s Klezmer Brass Allstars “Our Ancestors Forty Thousand Years Wide” from Carnival Conspiracy

Soul Rebels Brass Band “Let Your Mind Be Free” from Unlock Your Mind

Gangbe Brass Band “Segala” from Whendo

Schäl Sick Brass Band “Oh, Shirin! Shirin!” from Majnoun

SambaDa “Para Essa Guerra” from Salve a Bahia

London Afrobeat Collective “Prejudice” from Food Chain

Dele Sosimi “E Go Betta” from You No Fit Touch Am

Goran Bregovic “Stop” from Welcome to Goran Bregovic

Bollywood Brass Band “Ishq Bina” from Rahmania – The Music of A.R. Rahman

Samba Squad “Que Coisa Louca” from Batuque

Hour 2
“Zina Hlima” from Tani

Coolbone Brass Band “The Saints” from Brasshop

Youngblood Brass Band “Brooklyn” from Center: Level: Roar

Bat Makumba “Trabalha” from Bat Makumba

Kocani Orkestar “Sunet Oro” from Princes Amongst Men

Boban & Marko Markovic Orchestra “Bum Tras (Boom Bang)” from Gipsy Manifesto

Comadre Fulozinha “Zumba” from The Rough Guide to Brazilian Street Party

March Fourth Marching Band “Ah Ya Bibi” from March Fourth Marching Band

Syversen, Geller, Godwin “Dom Fantom” from Brasslands

Kal “Mozzarella” from Kal

Imam Baildi “Simioma” from III

Flavia Coelho “Passou Passou” from Mundo Meu

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