2015-10-23 – Top 10 World Music CDs, October Edition

Te Vaka - AmatagaA countdown of the ten best global albums of the month, with a track from each one. Plus other great wide-ranging new releases and concert previews in hour 2.

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Hour 1
Mamak Khadem
“Do, Don’t” from The Road

Karim Nagi “Yalla yalla” from Detour Guide

Bixiga 70 “Niran” from III

Terne Čhave “Ma dikh či kalo (Black Or White We All Are Human Beings)” from Bo me som Rom

Seffarine “october” from De Fez a Jerez

Novalima “Memekume” from Planetario

Buika “Si volveré” from Vivir sin miedo

Set break — KAOS Community Billboard

Ana Alcaide “Madya” from Tales of Pangea – Gotrasawala Ensemble

Sekou Kouyate “Groove Kora” from Sabaru

Dizu Plaatjies “Traffic Ijemile (feat. Derek Gripper & Thabisa Dinga)” from Ubuntu – The Common String

Te Vaka “Te Manaia” from Amataga

Kroke “Bright Clouds” from ten

Hour 2
Manu Dibango
“Pata pata” from Grand Masters

Full Attack Band “Nadir” from 1001

Folknery “Karchata” from Useful Things

Modiba Diabate “Bonya” from Lost in Mali

Lura “gore” from Herança

Kandia Kouyate “Mali Ba” from Renascence

Orblua “Tempo Estado (feat. Gaiteiros de Lisboa)” from Retratos Cinéticos

Zedashe “Ga” from Our Earth and Water

Bachar Mar-Khalifé “Layla” from Ya Balad

Set break — Spin The Globe world music concert calendar

Fat Freddy’s Drop “Slings & Arrows” from Bays

Lenka Lichtenberg “Peace Is the Only Way (feat. Fray)” from Embrace

Karavan Sarai “The Road to Hijaz” from Wovan Landscapes

Karolina Cicha & Spolka “Oj U Poli” from Wieloma Jezykami / 9 Languages (feat. Bart Pałyga)

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