2015-11-20 – Romania Meets New Zealand

Whiri Tū AkaMaori group Whiri Tū Aka is in Seattle tonight, and this weekend is Seattle’s Romanian Film Festival. So let’s get these two disparate cultures together, and see what happens. Brass bands + haka + fiddle tunes + Polynesian flavors = what this show sounds like.

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Hour 1
Voices United for Mali
“Mali-ko (Peace La Paix)” from Mali-ko (Peace La Paix)

IWI “E Nga Rangatahi” from Iwi

Oana Catalina Chitu “Marie si marioara” from Bucharest Tango

Wai “Nga Hau e Wha” from Wai 100%

Fulgerica and the Mahala Gypsies “Bate Vintul Frunzele” from The Rough Guide to the Music of Romanian Gypsies

Sola Rosa “Badman (feat. Spikey Tee)” from Moves On

Gabi Lunca “Omul Bun N-Are Noroc” from Sounds From A Bygone Age Vol. 5

Te Vaka “Sasa Le Vao” from Amataga

Set break — KAOS Community Billboard

Sola Rosa “Dangerous Dub” from Moves On

Shukar Collective “Ragga Mamï” from Rromatek

Apanui “Wharikihia” from E Tau Nai

Nightlosers “Blue Suede Shoes” from Plum Brandy Blues

Whirimako Black “Wahine Whakairo” from South Pacific Islands

Taraf de Haidouks “Dumbala dumba” from Taraf de Haïdouks

Hour 2
Moana & The Tribe
“Whaura” from Wha

Mahala Rai Banda “Balkan Reggae” from Ghetto Blasters

Natacha Atlas “Nafs El Hikaya” from Myriad Road

Monsieur Doumani “Mandra” from Sikoses

Officina Zoe “Venti e burrasche” from Mamma sirena

Daktarimba “Mandela” from D’Afrique (feat. Marco Lobo, Walter Lang, Wolfgang Lackerschmid & Njamy Sitson)

Ana Alcaide & Gotrasawala Ensemble “Madenda” from Tales of Pangea

Set break — Spin The Globe world music concert calendar

Hoodna Afrobeat Orchestra “Violence” from Let Go

JeConte & the Mali Allstars “Le Monde Pour La Paix (The World for Peace)” from Mali Blues

Ba-Boom “Boto Fé” from Somos Um

Miria – Union Malian des Aveugles “Farinya Manji” from Lost in Mali

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