2016-02-19 – Top 10 World Music Albums, February edition

Debo Band - Ere GobezListen in for a track from each of the 10 best newly released global albums. In hour 2, your requests, old faves, concert previews, and other wandering musics.

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Hour 1
“Day to Pray” from The Eternal Return

Sidestepper “Magangué” from Supernatural Love

Charles Chipanga “Mututu” from Goodness

Faith i Branko “Sydney Swing” from Gypsy Lover

Carrie Rodriguez + The Sacred Hearts “Frio en el alma” from Lola

Rokia Traoré “Obikè” from Né So

Aziza Brahim “Los muros” from Abbar el Hamada

Set break — KAOS Community Billboard

Francesco Loccisano “Lauro Waltz” from Mastrìa

Gangbe Brass Band “Kpagbé (feat. Jean-Philippe Rykiel)” from Go Slow to Lagos

Sociedade Recreativa “Xote Natural (feat. Flavia Coelho)” from Sociedade Recreativa

Debo Band “Yalanchi” from Ere Gobez

Hour 2
I.K. Dairo & the Blue Spots
“Congo Kinshasha” from Definitive Dairo

Angelique Kidjo “Kelele” from Oyo

Tegie Chlopy “Fokstrot” from Dansing

Beata Bocek “Miejsca” from O Tobje

Eva Salina “Koj Si Gola Roma” from Lema Lema: Eva Salina Sings Šaban Bajramović

Värttinä “Kanaset” from Viena

Zűrös Banda “Macedón Metálos” from Zűrös Banda

Arohi Ensemble & Somnath Roy “Peloraga: Effulgence” from Ahimsa: Love Is the Weapon of the Brave

Vahagni “Beneath the Shade (feat. Norayr Kartashyan)” from Imagined Frequencies

Set break — Spin The Globe world music concert calendar

Metismatic “Digo Sim (feat. Anissa Bensalah & Joachim Govin)” from Bad Safari

David Broza & The Andalusian Orchestra Ashkelon “Tio Alberto” from Andalusian Love Song

Kippie Moeketsi “Clarinet Kwela” from The Rough Guide to South African Jazz

Wesli “Eya Hé” from Ayiti étoile Nouvelle

Soapkills “Marra Fi Ghnina” from The Best of Soapkills

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