2016-03-11 Women of World Music

dobet gnahoreAll women this week (Mar. 8 was International Women’s Day, after all). Two hours of global music by women, from Finland, to Madagascar, to Brazil, to Mali, to the USA. With many other stops along the way. Note: STG will have a substitute host next week; your regular DJ will return the following week. Be good while I’m away.

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Hour 1
Lala Njava
“Voatse” from Malagasy Blues Song

Dobet Gnahoré “Inyembezi zam” from Na Afriki

Faith i Branko “Sister” from Gypsy Lover

Kiran Ahluwalia “Merey Mathay” from Wanderlust

Leni Stern “Like a Thief” from Sabani

Soapkills “tango” from The Best of Soapkills

Rokia Traoré “Ile” from Né So

Louisa Bailèche “A te” from Terra mia

Seheno “Razoky” from Hazo Kely

Set break — KAOS Community Billboard

Anoushka Shankar “Voice of the Moon (excerpt)” from Rise

Värttinä “Otavaiset” from Viena

Maraca “As nuvens” from Longe

Ceu “Minhas Bics” from Tropix

Aziza Brahim “El wad” from Abbar el Hamada

Hour 2
Eva Ayllon
“El Muneco de la Ciudad” from Kimba Fa

Totó La Momposina “Fidelina” from La Bodega

Daniela Mercury “Tô Samba Da Vida” from Virtual Vinyl

Beata Bocek “Krople wody” from O Tobje

Eva Salina “O Zvonija Marena” from Lema Lema: Eva Salina Sings Šaban Bajramović

Elizabeth Schwartz “Second Avenue Square Dance” from The Plum Tree Songs

Las Hermanas Caronni “María (feat. Ceiba)” from Navega Mundos

Nes “Ahlam” from NES

Gera Bertolone “A virrinedda” from La Sicilienne

Set break — Spin The Globe world music concert calendar

Ana Alcaide & Gotrasawala Ensemble “Madya” from Tales of Pangea

Sally Nyolo “Tamtam” from Tribu

Afrika Mamas “Thuli” from Afrika Mamas

Sia Tolno “Tonia (The Truth)” from My Life

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