2016-12-02 Global Songs of Family + Danish trio Gangspil live

Danish trio GangspilThe winter holidays often find us gathering with family… this week we celebrate families in all their messy and delightful forms with music about mothers and sons and grandfathers and sisters and how they eat and quarrel and  love and make music together. Plus a live in-studio set from Danish trio Gangspil, who are on tour.

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Hour 1
Hassan Hakmoun
“Balili (My Father)” from Unity

Bukky Leo “Precious Mother” from Pulp Fusion – Africa Funk

Vajas “Dear Sister” from Sacred Stone

Gangspil (live) “Springdans / O Hejsa, min kone er tyk” from live in the KAOS peformance studio

Set break — interview with Gangspil

Gangspil “Allemagasej / Svip svap svovlstikke” from live in the KAOS peformance studio

Gangspil “Pigen & soldaten” from live in the KAOS peformance studio

Gangspil “Rejlaender fra Laesoe” from live in the KAOS peformance studio

Tommy T “Brothers” from The Prester John Sessions

The Soil “Joy (We Are Family)” from The Soil

Hour 2
Les Freres Smith
“family affair” from Contreband Mentality

Set break — KAOS Community Billboard

Voodrish “Cece N’est Pas du Reggae” from The Whims of Mr. Hoogeloon

Zap Mama “Zap Bébés” from Ancestry In Progress

Ziggy Marley “Family Time (feat. Judah Marley)” from Family Time

Aurelio Martinez “Nirau Hagabu” from Garifuna Soul

Sidney Bean “Mothers of Today” from Bermuda: Gombey & Calypso, 1953-1960

Larry McDonald “Brother man” from Drumquestra

Andy Narell and Relator “My Brother Your Sister” from University of Calypso

Les Nubians “Brothers & Sisters” from One Step Forward

Set break — Spin The Globe world music concert calendar

Cool Cats “See You Later” from See You Later

Gio Zecca And The Karmeys “Babu Bibi” from Bwana Kiki / Bibi Kiki

Bonga “Anangola” from Recados de Fora

Klezmatics “Vi Lang?” from Apikorsim

Nefesh Mountain “Brothers and Sisters (Hine Ma Tov)” from Nefesh Mountain

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