2017-03-03 Music of the Balkans + Mazigazi Band live

Mazigazi Band live on KAOSMarch 4th brings the sixth annual Balkan Night Northwest, so we warm things up with accordion tunes, brass blasts, and Balkan fusion from the Balkans, the USA, and across the world. Plus a live set from Afro band Mazigazi, direct from the KAOS performance studio.

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Hour 1
Slonovski Bal
“Dada Sali”

khamoro Budapest Band “Balkan Toxin”

Zlatne Uste “Boki”

Boban & Marko Markovic Orchestra “Otpisani”

Shazalakazoo “Kalinka”

Set break — KAOS Community Billboard

!DelaDap “Zsa Manca”

Set break — interview & in-studio performance by Mazigazi Band

Mazigazi Band “All Your Heart”

Mazigazi Band “haba na haba”

Mazigazi “Eh dada”

Mazigazi “Twendeni Afrika”

Hour 2
Mazigazi Band
“Mama Don’t Cry”

Mahala Rai Banda “Zabrakadabra”

Al Jawala “Nikol”

Zdob Shi Zdub “DJ Vasile”

ZMEI3 “Poveste Din Țara Mea (story from my country)”

Srdjan Beronja “Shepherd’s Love Song”

Ivo Papasov & Yuri Yunakov “Oriental”

Toni Iordache “Ca La Breaza”

Ethio Stars “Kermosew (feat. Mulatu Astatke)”

Set break — Spin The Globe world music concert calendar

Fanfara Tirana & Transglobal Underground “Aferdita”

Aurelio “Sañanaro”

Orchestre Afrisa International “Micheline”

Hanitra “Miroir”

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