2017-03-17 Top 10 World Music Albums, March edition

Red Baraat - Bhangra PiratesAn exploration of some fresh global sounds, with a track from each of the best 10 new releases. In fact, two tracks from one of them.

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Hour 1
Te Vaka
“Tulimanu” from Te Vaka Beats

Mokoomba “Luyando” from Luyando

Amine & Hamza “Letter to God” from Fertile Paradoxes

Quetzal “Critical Time” from The Eternal Getdown

Girma Beyene & Akalé Wubé “Ene negn bay manesh” from Mistakes on Purpose (Ethiopiques 30)

Aurelio “Yalifu” from Darandi

Black Flower “Abeba Zeybekiko” from Artifacts

Set break — KAOS Community Billboard

Black Flower “Artifacts” from Artifacts

FolkBeat “Сила Богатырская / The Strength of the Warriors” from I’m Marching on My Own

Oumou Sangare “Djoukourou” from Mogoya

Red Baraat “Zindabad” from Bhangra Pirates

Hour 2
Elida Almeida
“Discriminason” from Djunta Kudjer

Vocal Sampling “El juego” from Así de Sampling

The Jerry Cans “Ukiuq” from Inuusiq

Rakkatak “Eesha’s Song” from Small Pieces

L’Orchestre Afrisa International “Amour Nala” from Melanie

Les Amazones d’Afrique “Nebao (feat. Mamani Keita)” from République Amazone

Diazpora “Piece by Piece” from Islands

Tamikrest “Ehad Wad Nadorhan” from Kidal

Set break — Spin The Globe world music concert calendar

Máximo Pujol “Gonzalo” from El Recorrido Argentino de Mi Guitarra

Kv express “Little monster” from Zafon

Srdjan Beronja “Maqam Bayati Oud Taqsim” from Sounds of the East

Antibalas “big man” from Who is This America?

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