2017-10-13 World Music Top 10 + KAOS pledge drive

Ladama - LadamaHear a song from each of the Top 10 (actually 13, in honor of Friday the 13th!) new world music albums. In hour 2, more global sounds + concert previews. It’s the second week of the KAOS pledge drive, so if you’re not a member yet (you aren’t? really?), now’s the time to go online and join.

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Hour 1
#13 Mighty Mo Rodgers & Baba Sissoko “Griot Blues” from Griot Blues

#12 Banda Magda “Le Tigre Malin” from Tigre

#11 The Grasslands Ensemble & Daniel Ho “Daur Love Song” from Between the Sky & Prairie

#10 Khalid Kouhen & Marylène Ingremeau “Batum” from Sillage

#9 Akshara “Mind the Gap” from In Time

#8 Vaiteani “O Vai” from Vaiteani

Set break — KAOS Community Billboard

#7 Peace Development Crew “When We Come (feat. Santos P)” from Better Days

#6 Struny nad Oslavou “Woulou-Wo (feat. Martin Krajíček, Keita Seckou & Juraj Valenčík)” from Struny nad Oslavou

Hour 2
#5 Trio Da Kali & Kronos Quartet
“Kene Bo” from Ladilikan

#4 Chicago Afrobeat Project “I No Know (feat. Tony Allen & Ugochi)” from What Goes Up (feat. Tony Allen)

#3 Bokanté “Limye” from Strange Circles

#2 Autorickshaw “Eleven!” from Meter

#1 Ladama “Porro Maracatu” from Ladama

Joe Driscoll & Sekou Kouyate “Passport” from Faya

Asa-i-Viata “Election Corruption feat. MC Brother Culture” from A[ch]a-i-Viat[s]a

Set break — Spin The Globe world music concert calendar

Choro Das 3 “Maria Mariquinha” from Boas Novas

Lord Mouse and the Kalypso Katz “Monkey Bop” from Go Calypsonian

Boom Pam “Souvlaki #3” from Boom Pam

Les Fils Canouche “Hernie Fiscale” from La Fasciculation


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