2017-10-27 Ancestors, Ghosts, and Other Things that Go Bump in the Night

Halloween / Day of the Dead - world music from Spin The Globe radioAs Halloween and Dia de los Muertos approach, STG has rounded up dozens of songs about family, and about those ancestors that linger (sometimes past long after their welcome runs out).

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Hour 1
Tara Linda “Demon’s Cumbia” from Tortilla Western Serenade

Carmen Rizzo & Huun Huur Tu “Ancestors Call” from Eternal

Tarika “Avelo (Ghost)” from Son Egal

Wimme “Sohka (Family)” from Mun

The Budos Band “Ghost Walk” from The Budos Band

Moana & The Tribe “ancestors” from Toru

Divoky Srdce “Nebeští jezdci (Ghost Riders in the Sky)” from Late Gathering

Omar Torrez “Llorona” from Dynamisto!

Set break — KAOS Community Billboard

Cicala Mvta “Ghost Requiem” from Ghost Circus

Lo’Jo “Brule La Meche” from Boheme de Cristal

Ganga Giri “ancestors” from Beats Around The Bush

Värttinä “Aijo” from Ilmatar

Hour 2
Hot 8 Brass Band
“ghost town” from Ghost Town/Let Me Do My Thing

Adrian Raso & Fanfare Ciocarlia “Devil’s Tale” from Devil’s Tale

Pannonia Allstars Ska Orchestra “Vampires” from Feel The Riddim!

The Afromotive “Scare Tactics” from Scare Tactics

Peace Development Crew “terror” from Better Days

Valerie Ekoumé “Se Ya Ya” from Kwin Na Kinguè

Balval “Mamo” from Le ciel tout nu

Asa-i-Viata “Anterija feat. Bastien Charléry” from A[ch]a-i-Viat[s]a

Kal “midnight walk” from Kal

Set break — Spin The Globe world music concert calendar

Turlu Tursu “Ni Teevra” from The All Weathers Country

Autorickshaw “Thom Petti” from Meter

Rotfront “Klezmerton” from Emigrantski Raggamuffin

Chopteeth Afrofunk Big Band “Tribulation” from Bone Reader



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