2017-11-17 Top 10 World Music Albums, Nov. edition

Autorickshaw - MeterHear a track from each of the 10 best new global albums. Plus other new and old global sounds in hour 2.

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Hour 1
Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino “Quannu Te Visciu” from Canzoniere

Baraka Moon “Narayane” from Wind Horse

Ladama “Cumbia Brasileira” from Ladama

Galata Express “Kaşların İnce İnce” from Çüş

Kandiafa “Tjebalu” from Mali Country

Valerie Ekoumé “Se Ya Ya” from Kwin Na Kinguè

Elkin Robinson “Bami” from Sun a Shine

Khalid Kouhen & Marylène Ingremeau “Batum” from Sillage

Mukana Marimba “Chemtengure” from Mukana Marimba

Asi-i-Viata “OH” from A[ch]a-i-Viat[s]a

Autorickshaw “Save Me” from Meter

Hour 2
Peace Development Crew
“Ey Nazis (feat. Confident)” from Better Days

Amira Medunjanin “More Izgrejala Sjajna Mesečina (A Bright Moonlight)” from Damar

Tam Echo Tam “Du Tout au Tout” from Dawn

Te Vaka “Lakalaka” from Te Vaka Greatest Hits

Freshlyground “Chicken to Change” from Radio Africa

Chopteeth Afrofunk Big Band “Questions of Our Day” from Bone Reader

Struny nad Oslavou “Zelený víneček (feat. Germán López, Antonio Toledo, Antonio Forcione, Martin Krajíček, Juraj Stieranka, Juraj Valenčík, Wolfgang Meyering & Jitka Šuranská)” from Struny nad Oslavou

Ghalia Benali & Maak “Antidote” from Mwsoul

Oreka Tx “Adabegi” from Quercus Endorphina

Boubacar Traore “Duna Ma Yelema” from Dounia Tabolo

BKO “Mali Liberela” from Mali foli coura

Mino Cinelu “Soon I Will Be Home” from Mino Cinelu

Ou “S’ou Abbattadu” from Scrambled!


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