2017-12-15 Top 10 World Music Albums, December edition

Stratman - Borders of paradiseHear a track from each of the 10 best new global albums. Plus other new and old global sounds in hour 2.

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Hour 1
#10 Khalid Kouhen & Marylène Ingremeau “Batum” from Sillage

#9 Kandiafa “Bi Mogoya” from Mali Country

#8 Ladama “Sin Ataduras” from Ladama

#7 Balkan Airs “Taro Ekvador (Solo) / Rotos En El Raval [feat. Otros Aires]” from Otros Aires presents Balkan Airs (feat. Otros Aires)

#6 Galata Express “Kürd Ali” from Çüş

#5 La Misa Negra “Acosadora” from La Misa Negra

#4 Irka Mateo “Corazón (feat. La Tirindanga)” from Vamo a Gozá (feat. La Tirindanga)

#3 Autorickshaw “Hare Shiva” from Meter

#2 TootArd “Roots Rock Jabali” from Laissez passer

#1 Stratman “Oudoo Child” from Borders of Paradise

Hour 2
Galissa Liebeskind 4tet
“Galiçéa (Live)” from Gêmeos

Gili Yalo “Tadese” from Gili Yalo

Orchéstre Baka de Gbiné “Gati Bongo” from Gati Bongo

Nabi Camara “M’soumbulle” from Lagni-Sussu

Elkin Robinson “change” from Sun a Shine

Te Vaka “Logo Te Pate” from Havili

Radio Tarifa “Cruzando el Rio” from Fiebre

Julio Pereira “Galope do Deserto” from Praça do Comércio

Dobranotch “Proshaj Moskva” from Makhorka

Set break — Spin The Globe world music concert calendar

Muntchako “Soc Pow Tum” from Muntchako

Ojos de Brujo “Piedras vs. Tanques” from Techari

Chambao “Como lo Siento” from Pokito a Poko

Sarah Aroeste “Buen Shabat” from Together / Endjuntos

Toure Kunda “Djiremait” from Mouslai

Franco “Anduku Lutshuma” from Francophonic, Vol. 1: 1953-1980

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