2018-01-19 Top 10 World Music Albums

Autorickshaw - MeterFeaturing a track from each of the 10 best new global albums. Plus other new and old global sounds in hour 2.

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Hour 1
10 – Brenda Navarrete
“Taita Bilongo” from Mi Mundo

9 – Seyir Trio “Ferahfezâ Son Peşrev ve Son Yürük Semâî” from Seyir Trio

8 – Boubacar Traore “Yafa Ma” from Dounia Tabolo

7 – Che Sudaka “La Mente (feat. Gari Greu)” from Almas Rebeldes

6 – TootArd “Sahra” from Laissez passer

5 – Stratman “Kerna mas (treat us) – Zali (dazed)” from Borders of Paradise

4 – Sertanilia “Gratia” from Gratia

Set break — KAOS Community Billboard

Bao Sissoko, Mola Sylla & Wouter Vandenabeele “Kongoman” from Tamala

3 – Liona & Serena Strings “vestida de novia” from Sefarad

2 – Gabacho Maroc “Btassem” from Tawassol

1 – Autorickshaw “The Trouble with Hari” from Meter

Hour 2
Peace Development Crew
“Better Days” from Better Days

Noura Mint Seymali “Tzenni” from Tzenni

Issoco “Boba Felis” from Aruba Bonaire Curacao: ABC Island Primer

Irka Mateo “Beso a Beso (feat. La Tirindanga)” from Vamo a Gozá (feat. La Tirindanga)

Lemba y los Carapintadas “El Muelu (Soukous)” from Vuelta a Africa

La Misa Negra “Duena de Mi” from La Misa Negra

Afrika Mamas “Ulwabishi (Rubbish)” from Iphupho

Ladysmith Black Mambazo “Hello My Baby” from Shaka Zulu Revisited: 30th Anniversary Celebration

Angelique Kidjo “Try Everything” from Jazz Loves Disney 2 – A Kind Of Magic

Set break — Spin The Globe world music concert calendar

King Sunny Ade “Synchro Series: Ota Mi Ma Yo Mi” from Synchro Series

Orchestra Makassy “Mosese” from Legends of East Africa – The Original Recordings

D’Gary “Samby Lomay” from Akata Meso

Masters of Haiti “Ti Chans (Pou Auiti)” from The Rough Guide to the Music of Haiti

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