2018-01-26 Tunes from the Crypt

Hugh MasekelaThis week, I pull some things from the music library that haven’t been played on KAOS in years — most of them not in 10 years or more. Join me as we rediscover some older and neglected global sounds.We also take a moment to remember South African musician Hugh Masekela, who passed away on January 23.

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Hour 1
Wendo Kolosoy “Marie-Louise” from On the Rumba River

Threeality “Een Lodderlijk Vrouken” from ‘T Minne

Muzsikás & Márta Sebestyén “A Masocsai Szolo-Orzo (A Song from Madocsa)” from Morning Star

Axiom of Choice “Parting Ways With the Soul” from Unfolding

Hugh Masekela “Bring Him Back Home (live)” from Tomorrow

Mandingo Griot Society “Mamamaneh” from Mandingo Griot Society

Sékouba Bambino “Gnangnini” from Sinikan

Mory Kante “Kenkan” from Sabou

Vieux Diop “Mom’s Jam” from Afrika Wassa

Set break — KAOS Community Billboard

The Angel Brothers & Satnam Singh “Brothers Dub” from From Punjab to Pit Top

DJ RH “Indian Blues” from Blackasia Volume 1

Ondar “Tuva Groove” from Back Tuva Future: The Adventure Begins

Les Triaboliques “Afsaduni (I Have Been Corrupted)” from Rivermudtwilight

Hour 2
Carmen Rizzo & Huun Huur Tu
“Ancestors Call” from Eternal

Charles Marcellesi “Corsicaboverde” from Corsicaboverde

Farafina “Bolomakoté Mahama” from Bolomakoté

Papa Wemba “Victime de la mode” from 1977-1997

Lobi Traore “Sigui Nyongon son fo (Live)” from Bamako Nights: Live at Bar Bozo 1995

Gilberto Gil “Stir It Up” from Ao Vivo

Tabu Ley Rochereau & L’Orchestre Afrisa International “Cafe Rica” from Africa Worldwide: 35th Anniversary Album

Set break — Spin The Globe world music concert calendar

The PickPocket Ensemble “midnight” from Fingerpainting in Red Wine

VAS “Wajad” from Offerings

Varosani “Pismo” from Varosani

Dietrich “Montienn” from Evok


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