2018-02-16 Top 10 World Music CDs, February

Indialucia - AcataoHear a track from each of the 10 best new global albums. Plus other new and old global sounds in hour 2. And one song about gun violence.

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Hour 1
Nutopia “UFB” from Nomad

Autorickshaw “Nature Bhai” from Meter

Guy One “Everything You Do, You Do for Yourself” from #1

Brenda Navarrete “Baba Elegguá” from Mi Mundo

Modus Quartet “Persepolis” from Facing East

Djeneba & Fousco “Regrets” from Kayeba Khasso

Baro Bialo “Lume ce ai cu mine” from Vagabondages

Set break — KAOS Community Billboard

Catrin Finch & Seckou Keita “Téranga-Bah” from SOAR

TootArd “Laissez passer” from Laissez passer

Okra Playground “Yhdeksän kuuta (Nine Moons)” from Ääneni Yli Vesien

Indialucia “Gangaquivir (feat. Ambi Subramaniam & Paquito Gonzalez)” from Acatao

Hour 2
Teacher Jekyll “Carnaval feat. Ed’Son” from Ondas

Cesaria Evora “Estanhadinha” from Carnaval de Mindelo

Christine Salem “Maloki” from Salem Tradition

La Misa Negra “Pistola” from La Misa Negra

Barika “Fantan” from Rise

Hailu Mergia “Lala Belu” from Lala Belu

Paa Kow “Meetu Ehum” from Cookpot

Oumar Konate “Aucune de Travaille Bas (Every Job Counts)” from Live in Bamako

Eleonora Bordonaro “La tassa di li schetti (feat. Lautari)” from Cuttuni e lamé (Trame streuse di una canta storie)

Lo Cor de la Plana “Rompa Bassas” from Tant Deman

Set break — Spin The Globe world music concert calendar

Djeli Moussa Diawara “Sabary” from Flamenkora

Samba de Coco Raízes de Arcoverde “Canta Coco Morena” from Maga Bo apresenta Coco Raizes de Arcoverde

La Minor “White Acacia” from Oboroty

Bayuba Cante “Iya Lagua” from Cheba


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