2018-03-16 Top 10 + Red Baraat Interview + Pledge

red baraat at KAOSJust how much can be crammed into two hours of radio? This show pushes the laws of physics by giving you a countdown of the Top 10 world music CDs of the month, plus an extended interview with Sunny Jain and Chris Eddleton of Red Baraat.

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Hour 1
#10 Auļi un Tautumeitas
“Beņķa Kāja” from Lai Māsiņa Rotājās!

#9 Kora Jazz Trio “Bourama” from Part IV

#8 Brenda Navarrete “Rumbero Como Yo” from Mi Mundo

#7 Beyond The Pale “Atlas Revolt” from Ruckus

#6 Music Action Collective “Right Again” from What If

#5 Western “Cell Phone” from I’m Not Here to Hunt Rabbits

#4 Bang Data “La Memoria (feat. Asdru Sierra & LoCura)” from Loco

#3 Darshan “Hapax Legomenon” from Raza

Set break — KAOS Community Billboard

#2 Brazzmatazz “Say When” from Turbolence

#1 Femi Kuti “One People One World” from One People One World

Hour 2
Amsterdam Klezmer Band “Forget About the Rest” from Katla

Zanmari Baré “Mwin gaby” from Voun

Balkan Beat Box “Move it” from Blue Eyed Black Boy

Nutopia “Camel, Sir?” from Nomad

Set break — Spin The Globe world music concert calendar

Galissa Liebeskind 4tet “Ibou (Live)” from Gêmeos

Kiala & The Afroblaster “money” from Money

Djénéba et Fousco “Hakilima” from Kayeba Khasso

Kobo Town “Kaiso Newscast” from Jumbie in the Jukebox

Samba de Coco Raízes de Arcoverde “O grilo” from Maga Bo Apresenta Coco Raizes de Arcoverde

interview with Red Baraat

Red Baraat “Bhangale (feat. Delicate Steve)” from Bhangra Pirates

more interview with Red Baraat

Red Baraat “Tunak Tunak Tun” from Bhangra Pirates

Monsieur Doumani “Mishmash” from Angathin


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