2018-07-20 The Sound of French Football: Music from French Africa

France's African World Cup

This week we celebrate the French World Cup victory,  particularly  highlighting the music of the countries from which the immigrant players came or to which they have family ties: Congo, Cameroon, Guinea, Algeria, Mauritania, Senegal, Togo, Mali, Angola, and Morocco. Plus a few other gems in the last segment of the show.

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Hour 1
Ba Cissoko “Tamo” from Séno

Noura Mint Seymali “Mohammedoun” from Arbina

Bembeya Jazz National “Dagna” from The Syliphone Years – Hits & Rare Recordings – Vol 1

Gnawa Diffusion “Itchak El Baz” from Souk System

Ngoma Jazz “Belita Kiri-Kiri” from Angola 70’s: 1972-73

Alki D “Barman” from The Rough Guide to North African Cafe

Aziza Brahim “Ard el Salam” from Mabruk

Elikeh “Let’s March” from Adje!Adje!

Philippe Chany “Cairo Connection” from France Chebran 2: French Boogie 1982-1989

Manuel Wandjí “Amatchi (Feat. Merlin Nyakam) (Studio)” from Planet Groove

Bellemou “Nediha Gaouria” from The Rough Guide To Rai

Hour 2
Sawt el Atlas
“mama” from Donia

Jovens do Prendo “Semba da Ilha” from Soul Of Angola – Anthologie De La Musique Angolaise 1965/1975

Sekouba “Diarabi” from Sejo

Mama Sissoko “Fisriwale” from Soleil de Minuit

Julien Jacob “Foletim” from Shanti

Afra Sound Stars “Soke Soke” from Soke Soke

Alif “Taspe” from Dakamerap

Sékouba Bambino “Famou” from Sinikan

Maurice El Médioni “Aalek Ma Nessber” from Pianoriental

Orchestra Baobab “Guajira Ven” from Guajira Ven

Malouma “Welfi” from Dunya

Presque Oui “L’ongle” from Paris


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