2018-08-31 Songs of the Sea, Ships, and Fish

Giant Squid & SHipThis weekend brings the Harbor Days festival to Olympia, so I’m in a maritime mood. Listen to global songs about oceans, the critters in them, and the people who bob about on their surface. And yes, it will be much more than just sea shanties.

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Hour 1
Angelique Kidjo “Monfe Ran E (feat. Dianne Reeves)” from Oyo

Dama & D’Gary “Mpanjono Mody – The Fishermen’s Return” from The Long Way Home

Kobo Town “What the Sea Remembers” from Where the Galleon Sank

Tony Allen “Boat Journey” from Film of Life

Te Vaka “Our Ocean” from Olatia

Clap! Clap! “Sailing in the Seas of Wood ” from Tayi Bebba

Inna Modja “Boat People (feat. Oumou Sangaré)” from Motel Bamako

Al Harris & His Calypso Band “Coo Coo and Flying Fish” from Bermuda: Gombey & Calypso 1953-1960

Don Drummond “Sam the Fisherman” from The Rough Guide to Ska

Bebo Best & The Super Lounge Orchestra “Ocean 14” from JazzMamba

The Karnataka College of Percussion “Fisherman” from River Yamuna

Izaline Calister “Fiesta di Piskaco” from ABC Island Primer

Cirkestra “fish” from Adventure Di Pinocchio

Black Flower “Star Fishing” from Abyssinia Afterlife

Hour 2
“Manuel Pescador” from Viva Mindelo

Mahmoud Fadl “Ya Markeb al hind (The Ship from India)” from Drummers of the Nile Go South

Ragleela “Jai Ma” from Jai Ma

Kalindi-Ka “Bwa Deye” from Yo

Bixiga 70 “Torre” from Quebra Cabeça

Radio Tarifa “La tarara” from Temporal

Mynta “fuzzy” from Teabreak

Dobet Gnahoré “Miziki” from Miziki

Sharon Katz & the Peace Train “Meadowlands” from Kid’s African Party

The Jing Ying Soloists “Singing the Night Among Fishing Boats” from Favorite Chinese Instrumentals

Sun Hop Fat “Muziqawi silt” from Sun Hop Fat

Paa Kow “Pete Pete” from Cookpot

Mitra Sumara “Kofriam” from Tahdig

Balval “Dumbala dumba” from Blizzard bohème



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