2018-09-07 World Music Mix

earth-with-headphonesA mix this week of new releases, old favorites, and whatever else wandered by.

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Hour 1
Fatal Mambo
“Rumbagitation” from Rumbagitation

Il Civetto “Zuraz” from Il Civetto

Cocek! Brass Band “Good Ole Seoul” from Good Ole Seoul

Ana Alcaide & Gotrasawala Ensemble “Goyong” from Tales of Pangea

Blick Bassy “one love” from Akö

Bixiga 70 “Torre” from Quebra Cabeça

Brenda Navarrete “Mulata Linda” from Mi Mundo

Kobo Town “World is Turning” from Where the Galleon Sank

Ram “Seyiko Evida” from RAM 7: August 1791

Los Rumberos De La Bahia “Lo Que Me Dijo Changó” from Mabagwe

The Pepper Pots feat. ASPO “Duck Soup” from Ska Around the World

Dieuf-Dieul De Thies “Sidy Ndiaye (feat. Bassirou Sarr)” from Aw Sa Yone, Vol. 2

Tamikrest “Erres Hin Atouan” from Kidal

Macka B “Wha Me Eat (Remix)” from Health Is Wealth

Hour 2
Vivalda Dula
“Kibamba” from Dula

StringShot “Blues for Brazil” from StringShot – Blues and Latin

Seckou Keita “If Only I Knew” from 22 Strings

Doctor Nativo “El Mero Mero” from Guatemaya

Nes “Houzni” from Ahlam

Boom Pam “Gross” from Boom Pam

Black Masala “Chaje Shukarije” from Trains and Moonlight Destinies

The Blue Dahlia “influence III” from La Tradition Americaine

Kim Sinh “Vong Co” from Music from Vietnam, Vol. 4: The Artistry of Kim Sinh

Orquesta Akokán “Mambo Rapidito” from Mambo Rapidito – Single

Youssou N’Dour Presente Cheikh N’Diguel Lo “Ne La Thiass” from Né La Thiass (Remastered)

Paul Beaubrun “Manman” from Ayibobo

Stella Chiweshe “Chipindura” from Kasahwa: Early Singles

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