2018-11-23 Global Songs of Horses

Global Music of HorsesDogs may be man’s best friends, but horses are arguably more useful companions, and are popular all over the planet. Songs from Tuva, Georgia, Brazil and wherever equines gallop.

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Hour 1
Kobo Town – Beautiful Soul – Independence

Balkan Playboys – Crazy Horse – Balkanisms

The Bombay Royale – Wild Stallion Mountain – The Island Of Dr Electrico

Bela Fleck, V.M. Bhatt, Jie-Bing Chen – Emperor’s Mare – Tabula Rasa

Baraka Moon – Wind Horse – Wind Horse

The Shin – Born In the Saddle – Egari

Kongar-ol Ondar – Eki a’ttar (Good Horses) – Genghis Blues

FolkBeat RF – Stallion – In Mixt

Poncho Sanchez – Hitch It to the Horse – Out of Sight!

Sans (5) – Astele oro – Step careful stallion – Kulku

Ali Akbar Moradi – Gallop – Fire of Passion

Badma Khanda – Thousand Horses Stomp – Amar Mende

Matuto – Horse Eat Corn – The Devil And The Diamond

DJ Dolores – Flying Horse – 1 Real

Taraf de Haïdouks – The Return of the Magic Horses (Intoarcerea Cailor Magica) – Band of Gypsies

Hour 2
Razia – Nave (Here We Are) – The Road

Indian Ocean – Chase – Black Friday (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

GirodiBanda – Mari amari – Guerra

Ali Hassan Kuban – Mabruk – From Nubia to Cairo

Manou Gallo – Femme – Afro Groove Queen

Bobi Céspedes – Rezos – Rezos

Eva Ayllón – El Muneco de la Ciudad – Kimba Fa

Testo – Дорожка (The Pathway) – Testo

Mercan Dede – Askname (excerpt) – Sufi Traveler

Abraham Inc. – Tweet-Tweet – Tweet Tweet

Amsterdam Klezmer Band – Chinese Duck – Szikra

Jamshied Sharifi – Di’vaneh – One



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