2019-02-08 Chinese New Year & Songs About Pigs

Happy Year of the Pig!

As the Year of the Pig commences, we’ve gathered a diverse group of Chinese-flavored music, from traditional to jazz. And perhaps a few songs about the honored critter of the year. Plus other global tunes, new and old, in hour 2.

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Hour 1
Shanren – Thirty Years – Left Foot Dance of the Yi

Hanggai – My Banjo And I – Introducing Hanggai

Sa Dingding – Xi Carnival – Harmony

Tang Ren Ti – Shanliang de xin (‘Good heart’) – Jazz Rap is in the City Now

Hok-man Yim – A Lion That Has Just Woken – Master of Chinese Percussion

the clear wind band – Rose Rose I Love You (Mei Gui Mei Gui Wo Ai Ni) – Shanghai Jazz 2

The Wu-Force – Kung Fu Cowboy – The Wu-Force EP

Liu Fang & Farhan Sabbagh – The Night of Bonfire – Rough Guide to the Music of China

Wu Man – Improvisation for Three and a Half Instruments – Music of Central Asia, Vol. 10: Borderlands

Song and Dance Troupe of the Yi Nationality: – Friendship Tune – Love Song of the Yi Nationality

Zhen Chen – Turpan Tango – Ergo – Music for Piano & Chinese Folk Instruments

The Worm – Piggies – Writhing & Wriggling

Yang Ying – Funky Chinese Jig – Blurring Boundaries – Erhu Excursions

Nur Mahammat Tursun – Woy Bala (Hey, Kid) – The Silk Road: A Musical Caravan

Hour 2
Immigrant Suns – Blue Moons and Flying Pigs – Montenegro

Hungry March Band – Short Fat Pig – On the Waterfront

Orchid Ensemble – Dancing Moon – Life Death Tears Dream

Liu Jian – Black Pearls – Black Pearls

Pierre Akendengue – Oparapara-Para – La Couleur de l’Afrique – EP

Fausty Amoa Mabila – Nosanayine – This Is Frafra Power

The Garifuna Collective – Ubóu (The World) – Ayó

Debashish Bhattacharya – From Hawaii with Love (feat. Wojtek Traczyk & Hubert Zemler) – Joy!Guru

Debalina Bhowmick – Bondhur Barite – Folks of Bengal – Shyam Rai

Mei Han and Red Chamber – Nokoto – Classical and Contemporary Chinese Music

Razia Said – Fukibgia (feat. Lionel Loueke) – The Road

Leyla McCalla – Lavi Vye Neg – The Capitalist Blues

Tuuletar – Valtaaja – Valtaaja / Invader EP

Ziminino – Chora Viola – Ziminino

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