2019-06-07 Music of Friends & Neighbors

Good fences may make good neighbors, but so do good songs. We hear songs about neighbors and friends from around the world this week.

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Hour 1
Fantcha – Amiga – Viva Mindelo
Dobet Gnahoré – Voisin – Na Dre
Letta Mbulu – The Village – In The Music The Village Never Ends
Smilin’ Osei – Love Your Neighbor – Wayo Tactics
Roaring Lion – Love Thy Neighbor – Sacred 78s
Maya Angelou – Neighbor, Neighbor – Miss Calypso
Joseph Spence – Neighbor Gone Home – Living On the Hallelujah Side
Larry McDonald – Brother Man – Drumquestra
Benjamin Escoriza – Tangos del Vecino – Alevanta!
Gipsy Kings – Amigo – Roots
Gao Hong, Yair Dalal & Dror Sinai – Friendship – Pipa Potluck: Lutes Around the World
Bombino – Timidiwa (Friendship) – Azel
Dama & D’Gary – Namana – Friendship – The Long Way Home
Franco Luambo – Ezui Voisin – Georgette

Hour 2
Orlando Julius – Love Thy Neighbour – Jaiyede Afro (with the Heliocentrics)
Shiran – Naara Yehefa – Shiran
Olcay Bayir – Dolama Dolamayı – Rüya – Dream for Anatolia
Grupo Fantasma – The Wall (feat. Ozomatl & Locos por Juana) – American Music, Vol. 7
Branko Galoic & Francisco Cordovil – One with the Road – One With The Wind
AKA Trio – Kanou – Joy
Lucibela – Sant Antôn – Laço Umbilical
Trio Inde Orient Occident – Nassaj – Nassaj
Deuce Eclipse & Los Leones de la Cumbia – Charamusca – Charamusca – Single
Ani Cordero – Pan Pan (Sin Mantequilla) [feat. Émina] – Pan Pan (Sin Mantequilla) [feat. Émina] – Single
Altın Gün – Şoför Bey – Gece
The Bulgarian Voices – Tapan Bie – Angelite

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