2020-06-26 Ethiopian Funk, Jazz, & Groove

Samuel Yirga

Ethiopia seems to be one of those countries with an outsized influence on the music of the world. From jazz to funk to reggae to other sounds, you’ll hear it from Ethiopian artists and foreign artists adopting Ethiopian elements.

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Hour 1
Tezeta Band – Drop It! – Beyond Addis (Contemporary Jazz & Funk Inspired By Ethiopian Sounds From the 70’s)
Imperial Tiger Orchestra – Emnete – Addis Abeba
Orchestra Ethiopia – Datchèna koba – The Rough Guide to the Music of Ethiopia
Ester Rada – I Wish – I Wish – EP
Yared Gedam – Baworau – Solo Piano Ethiopian
Mulatu Estatke & the Black Jesus Experience – Mascaram Setaba – To Know Without Knowing
Walias Band – Ye Kereme Fikir – The Best Of Walias
Akalé Wubé – Yèkatit – Akalé Wubé
Teddy Afro – Olan Yizo – Ethiopia
Zafari – Addis Ababa – Beyond Addis (Contemporary Jazz & Funk Inspired By Ethiopian Sounds From the 70’s)
Samuel Yirga – Firma Ena Wereket – The Habasha Sessions

Hour 2
Hirut Beqele – Ewnetegna feqer – Ethiopian Urban Modern Music Vol.3 [More Ethiopian Soul & Groove]
Woima Collective – Illusions – Tezeta
Dub Colossus – Guragigna – Addis Through the Looking Glass (Bonus Track Version)
Addis Black Mamba – Miyazya – Addis Black Mamba – Single
Alemayehu Eshete – Filiklike – The Best Of…
Invisible System – Gondar Sub – Introducing Invisible System
Bole 2 Harlem – Ametballe – Bole 2 Harlem, Vol. 1
Le Freres Smith – La Marche Des Smith – Beyond Addis (Contemporary Jazz & Funk Inspired By Ethiopian Sounds From the 70’s)
Arat Kilo – Addis polis – A Night In Abyssinia
Eténèsh Wassié & Le Tigre (des Platanes) – Nèy-Nèy Wèlèba – Zeraf!
Girma Beyene & Akalé Wubé – Mèslogn Nèbèr – Mistakes on Purpose (Ethiopiques 30)
Getatchew Mekuria & The Ex & Friends – Musicawi Silt – The Rough Guide To The Music Of Ethiopia
Ozferti – Exit Addis – Addis Aboumbap

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