2020-08-28 Island songs (STG #1135)

August 27 was the birthday of vocalist Cesaria Evora, the “Barefoot Diva” from Cabo Verde. We’ll hear some of her music, along with songs from other islands around the globe. 

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Hour 1
Dar Der Dor – Detty Kurnia – The Rough Guide to the Music of Indonesia
Nawal – Al Djalilu – kweli
Cesária Evora – Carnaval de Sao Vicente – The Very Best of Cesária Évora
Oswin Chin Behilia (Curacao) – Bendishon Disfrasa (Blessing In Disguise) – ABC Island Primer
Santero – Agua del Mar – El Hijo de Obatala
Ghetto Rude – Sahur – Syukur
Lakou Mizik – Renmen (feat. Preservation Hall Jazz Band) – HaitiaNola
Small Island Big Song – Ka Va’ai Mai Koe (Small Island Mix) [feat. Yoyo Tuki] – Small Island Big Song
Moana & The Tribe – Water People – Rima
Ok! Ryos – Co Era So – South Pacific Islands
Cewe Matre – Black Skin – Pesta Rap Vol. 1
Sambasunda – Berekis – Island Blues – Entre Mer Et Ciel

Hour 2
D’Gary – Betepotepo – Malagasy Guitar: Music From Madagascar
Javasounds – Untitled #1 – Vol. 2 Ruk Ruk Rukmana Kacapi Suling Music
Kali – Aline Vole – Island Blues
Rajery – Olo-Mitovy – Sofera
Bill Fleming – You Got to Know What to Do – Virgin Islands – Quelbe & Calypso 1956-1960
Henry Kapono – Na Hanakahi – The Wild Hawaiian
Boukman Eksperyans – Rara Ti Celia – Libete (Pran Pou Pran’l) Freedom [Let’s Take It!]
Kontra – Angkringan – Satu Bukti
Cesária Evora – Africa Nossa (Com Ismaël Lô) – Rogamar
Cuban Beats All Stars – La Crisis – La Receta
Lucibela – Stapora do Diabo – Laço Umbilical
Cachao – Descarga – Made In Cuba
Celia Cruz – Pachito Eche – Made in Cuba
Lura – Maria – Eclipse

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