Music of Morocco (STG #1157)

In memory of Rachid, a friend who recently passed away, we hear a diverse collection of music from Morocco. Plus a few new releases and old faves for the last half hour of the show.

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Hour 1
Nour-Eddine – Marahabat (Welcome) – The Music of Morocco in the Rif Berber Tradition
Izouran N-Sahara – Chamra – Tisnant
Oum – Taragalte – Soul of Morocco
Youcef – Salam – Tea In Marrakech
Chalf Hassan – Aita Jilaliya (Spiritual Call) – Rhythms of Morocco
DJ Tudo e sua gente de todo lugar – Isawwa Ijexá – Sufi Funk – Gaia Musica vol. 2, Brasil – Morocco
Altaf Gnawa Group – Bawab Gnawa – Gnawa Music from Morocco
Kalaban Coura – Kalaban Coura (feat. Quentin Dujardin) – Aigabani (feat. Quentin Dujardin)
Jil Jilala – Bab Aadi – The Rough Guide to the Music of Morocco
Groupe Mazagan – Atay – The Rough Guide to the Music of Morocco
Gnawa Brotherhood Musicians – Mimuna – The Music of Islam Vol. 6: Gnawa Music, Marrakesh, Morocco

Hour 2
Fnaïre Feat. Salah Edin – Sah Raoui – The Rough Guide to the Music of Morocco
Aziz Sahmaoui & University of Gnawa – Janna Ifrikia – Poetic Trance
Gnawa Diffusion – Madanga – Bab El Oued Kingston
Gnawa Youmala – Maktoub – Dounya
Samira Said – Fe Khayale – Aweeny Beek
Amira Saqati – Sabra Dima – Destination Halal
Rabii Harnoune & V.B. Kühl – Yomali (WheelUP Remix) – Gnawa Electric Remixes – EP
Staritsa – Kak u nashej u Dunyashi – Klyukva
Tao Ravao & Vincent Bucher – Ranovelo – Piment bleu
Mercan Dede – Huxi – Breath
Inka Mbing – Friends of the Mountain People – Ga-Ga
Totó La Momposina – Cosas Pa’ Pensar – La Bodega
Chopteeth Afrofunk Big Band – D.C. Vote (feat. Head-Roc) – Bone Reader

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