2017-01-06 New World Music Releases for a New Year

Gypsy Cuban ProjectIf you’re hoping the new year will feel, well, new, then have we got the global soundtrack for you. All new music, with most songs making their KAOS debut.

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Hour 1
Hanitra Ranaivo
“Maloy Aho” from Songs From Madagascar

Daymé Arocena “Mambo Na’ Mà” from Mambo Na’ Mà

Ialma “Baila Bela Fada” from Camiño (De Bruxelas a Santiago)

FolkBeat “Мiсяченьку (Half Moon)” from Светлая встреча / The Joyful Meeting

Lakhdar Hanou Ensemble “Beya” from Ne fût-ce qu’en Chine

Debashish Bhattacharya “The Dance Of Nai’a At Oahu Shore” from Hawaii to Calcutta A Tribute to Tau Moe

Kaynak Pipers Band “Pago, Mapu, Pago” from To Chicago and Beyond

Tsedenia Gebremarkos “Yefikir Girma” from Yefikir Girma

Terrakota “Gira Giro” from Oxalá

Set break — KAOS Community Billboard

Bilja Krstic & Bistrik Orchestra “Korube” from Svod – Traditional Songs from Serbia and the Balkans

Kefaya “Bella ciao” from Radio International

The Gypsy Cuban Project “El Corazon Yo Te Dare (feat. Antonio Carmona & Marina Carmona)” from Havana Night Sessions At Abdala Studios

Mickey Hart “UDU Chant” from Planet Drum Remastered

Shazalakazoo “Habanera (feat. Roma Sijam)” from Metanational

The Klezmatics “Zol shoyn kumen di geule (May Redemption Come)” from Apikorsim

Hour 2
“Phat-Lag” from Scoop

Orchestre OK Jazz “Micorrason” from African Rumba

L’Orchestre Super Mambo “Kurukia Ukuta” from Urgent Jumping! East African Musiki Wa Dansi Classics

Helsinki-Cotonou Ensemble “Djigbo (Live)” from The Road Is Long: Live at Savoy Theatre

The Bongo Hop “Pa’ Congo (feat. Maik Cel)” from Satingarona, Vol. 1

Jono Heyes “Toumani” from Le Fisherboy

George Telek “Iau Nunuk” from A Bit na Ta

Bonga “Ngo Kuivu” from Recados de Fora

Set break — Spin The Globe world music concert calendar

Kalaha “Aloo Gobi” from masala

Sver “Total Carnage” from Fryd

The Nile Project “Ya Abai Wuha” from Jinja

Fanga “An kelen yé (feat. Emma Lamadji)” from Kaleidoscope

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